HIW for £1.99?!

Our brand new bookazines, Amazing Chemistry, Amazing Physics and Amazing Biology are all now available for the ridiculously cheap price of £1.99 each!

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Amazing Chemistry

The first in the series is jam packed with the most interesting stuff all about chemistry. The bookazine includes:

– How freeze drying works
– Why glow sticks glow
– The Super materials of the world
– Can we bottle up light?

Amazing Physics

The sequel to Amazing Chemistry looks at all the different physical systems of the world around us. Including:

– Forces: Earth’s invisible powers explained
– The best electricity facts
– The power of atoms
– The World’s most powerful laser

And much, much more!

Amazing Biology

The last in the trilogy, this has everything you need to know on the diverse world of biology including:

-Why do we get old?
-Why do our feet smell?
-How to understand DNA
-The facts behind tear ducts