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How big is the Angel of the North?

  • Angel of the North, Antony Gormley, statue, A1, north-east, 20 metres, 54 metres, steel, Cor-ten, price, construction cost
  • The Angel of the North is an incredible 20 metres (65 feet) high and its wingspan is 54 metres (175 feet). This makes it taller than the tallest-ever dinosaur and its wingspan nearly as wide as a Boeing 747.
  • It is made from 200 tonnes of Cor-ten steel with a trace of copper to help it weather. The body weighs the same amount as both wings combined.
  • The 500 tonnes of concrete that went into its foundations help it withstand south-easterly winds of up to 160 kilometres (100 miles) per hour.
  • It cost just £800,000 to make. In comparison, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro cost around £2 million in today’s currency.
  • It is viewed by more than one person every second from its spot just off the A1 motorway having been completed in 1998.

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