How It Works

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Today tattoos are usually removed with high-powered lasers. Lasers are used as they allow the tattoo’s ink pigment to be fragmented to the extent that it can be shed by a human’s natural skin growth and healing processes. The reason the ink has to be acted upon with a high-powered laser is due to its relatively deep level in the skin’s dermis; conventional medical lasers aren’t of sufficient strength. Additionally, the droplets of pigment are far too large to be broken down chemically.

The most common type of high-powered tattoo laser system used today is the Q-switched variety. These lasers differ to standard ones in two key ways. First, they produce pulses of laser light rather than a continuous beam and, second, these pulses have an extremely high peak power (in the gigawatt range). When used on a person’s skin, the tattoo’s ink pigments can be ‘flashed’ with a very controlled strength laser pulse over a short period of time, fragmenting the ink instantly and causing minimal temporary scarring to the skin.

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  • Peodabarb

    Laser tattoo removal technique is the best technique to remove unwanted design from the body. Tattoo removal depends on the skin type, Skin color, many others are meatier. The fragments of the skin is the healing of the causing minimal of the pigments.

  • Laser tattoo removal has it’s own benefits because it is specially designed which causes less damage to the skin. A laser light is delivered to the skin part within a fraction of second making all the ink shredded away.
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