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How high do you have to go to see the curvature of the Earth?

According to optical researchers, while we can fool ourselves into thinking we see the curvature of the Earth from high mountains, this is usually wishful thinking.

Earth_curve_at_night_(PD_credit-NASA)You should be able to detect it from an aeroplane at a cruising height of around 10,600 metres (35,000 feet), but you need a fairly wide field of view (ie 60 degrees) and a virtually cloud-free horizon. The reality is that clouds, hills and mountains mean we rarely get to see the kind of perfectly flat horizon where the curve would be most obvious.

However, you can detect the curve of the Earth from ground level at the coast with a pair of binoculars – just look for distant ships on the horizon and you’ll see that their hulls start to disappear before their masts and other superstructure. Ancient Greek scientists, who spotted this without any optical aids, used this to conclude that the Earth was round.

For more on the curvature of the Earth, check out this amazing new image taken from an unamanned weather balloon.

  • 22 miles (120k feet) and no curve. Level = so no spherical lens aberrations.

    • Lucas Fitzgerald

      like the article said, you need a field of view of 60 degrees or more to observe the curvature. Your camera’s zoom limited the field of view to less than 60.

      • Jordan Folster

        Do you have ANY idea what you are talking about? It appears not, there is no zoom, as you can see the stabalization unit attached to the camera!
        The article stated you can see the curve from much lower heights, want me to find 10 images from airplanes with no zoom that have no curve at cruising altitude?
        Or a few more high altitude ballon video’s that show no curve, with no zoom?
        The earth is flat, and you’ve been duped by a satanic organization, that’s how it works.

        • Etienne Brule

          You’re right !

          A Clear and undeniable proof that the Earth is actually FLAT is in this video of a Dogcam fixed on a baloon that gone to 110 000 feets.

          Absolutely no curvature of the earth can be seen. And the camera does a 360 turnaround… The horizon is always at the eye-level. Logically, on a ball-earth, the horizon should be gradually lower as we go up in the air.

          The curvature of the earth should be seen far under 110 000 feets according to the Earth Globe theory.

          Open your eyes and see the evidence. This video has not been edited.

          • mlaperle

            I see a slight curve in the still shot. No need to even start the video. Logically speaking, one would have to be pretty far away from a sphere the size of earth to notice an obvious curve. That said, there are a plethora of ways in which to prove that the earth is NOT flat (I can’t believe I am even having this discussion). Fly across the ocean, as I have done and notice that the sun is either stay “up” longer or going “down” sooner, depending on which direction you are travelling. Skype with someone in California while you are in, say Maine (while the sun is setting in Maine). Ask them to show you where the sun is in the sky from Cal (hint: It’s not setting). If the earth were flat, the sun would set at the same time everywhere. NEXT!

          • Etienne Brule

            Did you read the minimal altitude to see any curvature in the article at the top ??

            35 000 feets….

            Take a look at this video of a ballon who goes at 130000 feets !! Not a trace of any curvature !

            Little Piggy High Altitude Balloon

            Your argument of a Sun who lighten all the earth at the same time is ridiculous.

            The light of the sun is projeted in a spotlight form. So not all the Earth receive at the same time the sun light.
            On the Flat Earth theory, the sun and the moon orbit around the earth following opposite elliptical orbit.

            If you make extensive research on the subject, you’ll see that proofs of flat earth are valid.

            Check also this video :
            That explain in a 3D model, the Flat Earth theory.


          • mlaperle

            Are you actually suggesting that the sun would set at different times if the earth were flat? And you haven’t answered my question about all of the other bodies (planets, etc) in space being spherical, except earth apparently. And what about the millions of people who have circumnavigated the globe? I suppose you believe we have never sent rockets into space and looked back?? Why are you so gullible?

          • Etienne Brule

            It exists many proofs in favor of the Flat Earth theory. I could not rewrite all of them in this message but I suggest that you read the book “200 Proofs that Earth is not a Spinning Ball” written by Eric Dubay


            He talks about everything you mentionned.

            How do you explain that James Cook in 18th century attempting
            Antarctic circumnavigation, took 3 to 4 years and clocked
            50-60,000 miles around.

            According to Ball Earth model, Antartica is not more than 12,000 miles in

            How do you explain that ?
            This is entirely inconsistent with the ball model.

            Actually, Antarctica is SURROUNDING US. It’s not a continent located at the south pole of a globe.

            I’m not just throwing silly explanations. I’m supporting it with historical facts.

            My pleasures to discuss with you.


          • mlaperle

            You give me ONE 18th century explorer who got blocked by ice in 1773 so he sailed for warmer waters. One would think that if Antarctica is SURROUNDING US he would have found it. But you still haven’t explained how millions of people, to this day have circumnavigated the globe i.e., they travelled in one direction, say, West. And kept on going until they were back where they started. Or the other things I’ve mentioned. I’m not asking for “many proofs”. Just that you would answer the few questions I’ve raised. (Space exploration, sunsets at different times on the globe AND night time in Australia while it is daytime in America, etc.) I still can’t believe I am having this conversation with an adult. How old are you anyway?

          • Etienne Brule

            Wow, How old am I ?

            You shoot me a free insult, and YOU ask me how old I am ???

            I ended my previous message with “My pleasures to discuss with you.”

            Shame on me. I thought that this discussion was open and exempt of childish attack to my person. Did you read ALL the book ?

            Probably not. I’m not telling that ALL the proofs that he put in evidence are bulletproofs. But the majority of them are valid and the radius of earth is considerated. Just check the fly routes of all the commercials planes and you’ll remark something really weird. (Chili to Sydney for exemple). Planes make a lot of weird useless detours to go in straight path to the other continent.

            My pleasure,

          • mlaperle

            Didn’t mean to offend. But what would you think if I claimed that Santa Claus is real and that he lives at the North Pole and flies around the world on a sleigh every 25th of December? What you are claiming (in the 21st century no less) is tantamount to that. And you expect me to not be incredulous or even flabbergasted? And you STILL haven’t answered ANY of my questions. You are the one making the absurd claim that the earth is flat. So the burden of proof is on you.

            I checked the flight path from Chile to Sydney. Makes perfect sense for a spherical earth:,+Australia/to/Santiago,+Chile

            If the earth were flat you would expect to see a straight line. BUT since the earth is spherical AND since these two places are in the southern hemisphere, a curved path bending toward the South Pole makes for the shortest distance when you take into account that the diameter of the earth is greater the closer you get to the equator (thus increasing the over all distance). Do the math.

          • Etienne Brule

            Jordan Foster share the same opinion of me. I’m not a lunatic not him either.
            You seems to be really stubborn and don’t want to see the evidence…

            The sun and the moon are the same size like you’ve said and are also electromagnetic. The sun is a anode (copper and gold) and the moon (nickel and silver) is a cathode. Salt in oceans is the conductor.

            We are indeed the center of the our universe. Even when people see the “Little Piggy Hot balloon” video. They don’t want to accept the evidence. There is NO CURVATURE. Perfectly FLAT !

            Sceptics always say : bahh… it’s not high enough !!

            Cmon ! 35000 feets in altitude should be enough to see curvature according to the article at the top !! Little Piggy gone to 130000 feets in altitude.

            How can we deny this ?!

            And for the flight routes, take a look at the image I’ve linked.

            In actual fact, Santiago-Sydney flights go into the Northern hemisphere making stop-overs at LAX and other North American airports before continuing back down to the Southern hemisphere. Such ridiculously wayward detours make no sense on the globe but make perfect sense and form nearly straight lines when shown on a flat Earth map


          • mlaperle

            OK. You got me. I admit, you had me going for awhile. You were having fun with me thinking that you actually believed that the earth is flat. LOL That’s why you’ve not answered ANY of my questions which have proved beyond the shadow of any doubt to any reasonable person that the earth is a sphere. That’s also why you’ve refused to see the gazillion other proofs that the earth is a sphere. This is a big game to you. I wonder how many other people you have duped into thinking you were sincere in your beliefs?
            That has to be it. Otherwise, the only other alternatives are: 1. You are indeed a lunatic (or at the very least severely delusional). 2. You are incredibly stupid (or at least lack ANY sense of sound reasoning skills). 3. You really don’t believe this nonsense but you are actually trying to convince others that it is true (again, a game).
            Well, you’ve had your fun. I’m done playing your little game. Goodbye.
            Flat earth… LOL

          • worsethannormal

            Ah so you’re a troll. I wish I hadn’t taken the time to write my previous post. “Everything is sound?” LOL. Yeah, you got me with that one. Good job trolling.

          • Etienne Brule

            Everything is sound. Absolutely. What is so weird about this ??
            Everything is a result of vibrations. Everything is connected.

            You don’t know anything about cymatics ?? Sacred geometry ???

            Your ignorance make you so arrogant and condescending.

            Our brain is only eletric frequencies all around (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, Gamma).
            Dolphins use differents frequencies to communicate and we can even communicate with them with 528hz frequency (love frequency).

            You can laugh at me. It’s easy to do. It’s the easiest thing to do.
            But this is the truth. See the theory of the Connected Universe by Nassim Haramein.


          • worsethannormal

            Sigh. Nassim Haramein. Ya, I used to read authors of his ilk in my youth. Their ridiculous ideas made for good party conversations with the less science minded among my friends. I’ve looked into sacred geometry and its bogus. Largely, deciding to fit observations to a previously decided on framework and ignoring all evidence that contradicts said framework.

            Also, everything is not sound. For example, light is not sound. Sound requires a medium for the waves to travel through. Light doesn’t require a medium. They are markedly different. And just because you can affect certain brain waves with binaural frequencies doesn’t mean that brainwaves are directly affected by sound. In fact you can produce the exact same results with visuals instead of sound.

            And finally, there is no “frequency of love.” The Universe doesn’t know about love or care about love. Why? because it’s a human concept. It’s a concept we invented.

          • I hope this image is a joke. You do realize the image on the left isn’t an accurate representation of the globe earth right? it’s all about the projection of the map. The flat earth model in the right image is a more accurate albeit compressed spherical projection, hence way the lay over makes sense.


          • Richard Desjardin

            Except that the distances on those flight paths is significantly larger on the flat earth lie.

            Look up why it is done and you’ll get it.

          • Jordan Folster

            Santa clause was told to you as a kid, indoctrinated … but you had no first hand way to know if he was real, same with the globe model. If you can’t do unbiased homework, you will be subject to asking more easily answered questions.

          • mlaperle

            NOT the same with the globe model. There is evidence out the wazoo to support a spherical earth. Anyone with an ounce of sense and sound reasoning can see it. Of course, like any common conspiracy theorist one can connect unrelated dots, rely on grossly outdated writings, and deny the mountain range of evidence using fallacious arguments (such as ad hominem by claiming that NASA is a government conspiracy and their photographs are “lies”).

            I am “subject to asking more easily answered questions”? So, why don’t you answer even one of my questions? For instance how is it possible, on a flat earth, to have high noon in one part of the world and midnight in another AT THE SAME TIME? Like you said: “easily answered question”…

            I don’t know what has led you to such a ludicrous conclusion, but I hope you find the help you need….soon.

          • I can show you 3 examples of nasa footage from “orbit” altitude that show a flat horizon in the exact center of the frame (correcting for lens aberrations) not that you know what those are. The reason light from the sun doesn’t lite up the entire earth:

            Light abides by the laws of perspective and the vanishing point of human vision

            If you put a small light in the middle of the desert does it light up the whole desert floor? No.
            Here, comes the sun.

            Which is much closer than you think:(possibly a few thousand miles and only 33 miles across)

            The reason there is a horizon is due to perspective, the ground plane appears to rise up until it meets your eye level in the distance and converges, you can see over your eye level.

            Go home until you can do your own research, and stop being a mental slave.

          • mlaperle

            What caused the lens aberrations in the photographs of the earth from the moon? You’re the one who actually believes the earth is flat, and you think I look silly?? LMAO!!

          • What is so funny? The joke is on you, I would tell you there are faked, and easily so (photoshopped), but instead of investigate how easily they are proven fake, you will just play the ad
            Hominem card and call me a
            Conspiracy theorist, which isn’t even an insult anymore, but definitely one to the person who uses it as ammo.

          • mlaperle

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the contention of flat-earthers that the sunset is simply the sun sinking below the “edge” of the earth? And conversely, the sunrise is the sun rising above the opposite “edge”? If so, then how is it that the sun can be rising on one part of the earth while setting on another part and high noon at yet another place? Hmmm

          • Jordan Folster

            You are incredibly wrong. The sun sets due to the vanishing point of perspective convergence of the ground plane with the eye plane.
            (art imitates life)

            If you look off into the distance, you will notice the ground appears to rise, when the apparent rise reaches your eye level (lets assume 6 feet, which puts the vanishing point at about 3 miles away) ( the higher you go the further you can see)

            The sun’s light also abides by this law (line of sight) the further it moves away the smaller it gets … and the closer it gets ot the vanishing point just like the ground seems to rise, but doesn’t really. It is how our eyes work. PERCEPTION

            The shadow on a lunar ecplise is not curved either, it is merely the effect of looking at something moving through a stright slice of light|dark, on a sphere from an offset angle, the moon curves the straight line.

            There is not claimed edge, it is either an infinite plain or there is a dome/physical or energetic in nature around us. ( firmament)

          • mlaperle

            The problem is that the sun does not appear to be any smaller at sunset than it does at noon. Indeed, it can appear to be larger. And the sun sets at the same time whether I am at the ocean’s edge or on a mountain top near that shoreline. And there are certain places on earth where the sun does not set for the entire summer (and does not rise for the entire winter).
            But are you saying that a sunset has nothing to do with the sun sinking below the “edge” on the earth? Are you saying the sun never sinks below the edge of the earth? How large (or small) is the sun? How far away is it? How fast is it travelling? What is it made of? Is the light from the moon a reflection of the sun? What about stars? Galaxies? Satellites? Comets? Tides? Gravity? Space exploration (even with a telescope, if you think NASA, et al, is fake)?
            No my friend, I’m afraid that you are incredibly wrong.

          • Jordan Folster

            You don’t listen very well, I’m not going to waste my time with some clown who makes assertions about an edge after I said there is not one, and it is not the cause. I gave you all the info, you failed to do your research, not me.


          • Liberty556

            If you were offered the chance to take a ride with NASA, SpaceX, heck even the Russian space program…would you do it? Would you have the balls to go up into the heavens…and use your own two eyeballs to see if the earth is flat or spherical?

          • If you were offered a reality check, would you take it?

          • Liberty556

            Good…another flat earther avoids my question.

            What am I looking at when I look through a powerful camera lens and see the ISS? Is that fake? Hologram?

          • I’m not a flat earther, I just know how to entertain and reserach an idea without personal bias or lesser emotions such as ignorance to the many good arguements made. Sorry you feel the need to classify people into groups or label people who have the ability to study something for the ake of either proving or disproving it, THEMSELVES.

          • Liberty556

            Sooooo, you still don’t want to opine as to what the ISS is?


          • I am not a parrot.

          • Liberty556

            …..I have no idea what you are trying to say.

            All I know is that you just spouted off to me about lumping people into a group, when your comment 2 months ago was an entire paragraph of assumptions about me.

            A simple question…..what is the ISS? If you keep avoiding this, I must assume that you have no explanation.

          • Why are you asking me if you have an explaination? HAHAHA

          • Richard Desjardin

            Answer the question.

            Given the opportunity to use your own two eyes from an altitude high enough to confirm or deny your worldview, would you take it.

          • It’s the dumbest loaded question ever with loads of pretence

          • Your answer is mine.

          • Zeroed Out

            You keep bringing up NASA, but it wouldn’t just be NASA — it would be thousands upon thousands of independent space explorers, hobbyists, etc.

            Besides… when it comes to a conspiracy — or cover-up, if you prefer — there is always a reason for it. So what would the reason be for NASA or anyone else making us believe that the world is round instead of flat? What would one piece of fact have over the other piece of fact to the point that decades of a cover-up would be worth the work?

            And why is it that we can observe multiple spherical objects in our sky, yet… what… we live on the one flat surface that exists in our galaxy and beyond?

            You might as well believe in leprechauns. At least then you might find a pot of gold.

          • Kimberly B Stone

            So there’s no edge to the earth in your construct?

            So if there’s no edge, it’s infinite. It must intersect with many other things in the cosmos.


          • Why would it? Because you have a small mind? just because you have no physical edge doesn’t mean perspective doesn’t still dish out vanishing points relative to attitude and distance. In fact on a flat Earth any physical vertical degree change of “up” of a globe translates into a horizontal pivot on Flat Earth. IE: A 90 degree ORIENTATION shift in “up” from the pole to the equator of the globe would equat to a 90 degree horizontal pivot, to be facing the same “direction” on FE

            Oops, you didn’t think that one thru, dud you?

          • Kimberly B Stone

            Did you just spew something out that you thought made sense? I wasn’t talking about perspective or vanishing points. Either the “flat earth” (I can barely make myself type that) is finite, and it has an edge, or it’s infinite. Choose one and prove it. You can’t.

            Life is really wasted on some people.

          • I’m sorry you don’t have the intelligence to understand something that does make sense. Want something that doesn’t make sense is why the sun locally illuminates and clearly shrinks as it sets if it is 93 million miles away, also seen shrinking in pillar reflections(water doesn’t refelct glare & impossible on a globe) I don’t expect an intellectual response from your arrogance fueled jibber jabber.

            Explain this or be a victim of your own foul attitude void of any intelligent arguement.

          • Kimberly B Stone

            Onus Probandi.

          • Richard Desjardin

            Logical Fallacy Referee quit halfway into the flat-earther’s first drive. Said something about them not knowing even the basest rules of logical and reasoned argument.

          • Onus Probandi [citation of lack there of needed]

          • Kimberly B Stone

            Look it up.

          • Kimberly B Stone

            Love to see a picture of the edge of the earth. (laughing)

          • “Proove it” lol you can’t either, even if you had to.

          • You are wasting your time, yes.

          • Jordan Folster
          • mlaperle

            P-brain bases his explanation of the buildings on the
            horizon seeming to disappear on 2 false premises.

            1. That objects in the distance seem to disappear from the
            bottom up due to perspective (i.e. converging lines). This is not true. While objects will appear to be smaller, the
            ENTIRE object is still visible. You will
            lose detail due to distance, but you will not lose any part of the object
            itself. Viewing through a telescope will
            easily prove this. But even if his
            premise were true, it would not prove that the earth is flat, only that this is
            one possible explanation for the “disappearing” buildings.

            2. He claims that since you can’t see a curve while scanning
            the horizon, then the earth must be flat.
            The problem is that for a person standing at sea level the distance to
            the horizon is approx. 3 miles IN ALL DIRECTIONS. That means that a person, say standing on a
            raft in the middle of the ocean, is essentially standing in the middle of a 3
            mile radius circle with regard to the horizon.
            Hence, scanning the horizon is not looking at a straight line, but looking
            at the inside edge of a 3 mile radius circle.
            And this 3 mile radius circle is superimposed on the surface of a 3,959 mile
            radius sphere. One would not expect to
            see the curve of the sphere from that perspective.

            And by the way, since the plethora of photographic evidence
            presented by NASA and others completely contradicts your narrative, I can see
            why you would be tempted to totally discard it a “fake”. Convenient tactic, but utterly fallacious.

          • Richard Desjardin

            No, there is a simple demonstration that can be done to prove this wrong and all you need is a pen and paper.

            Draw a straight line horizontally. This is the flat-earth you believe in.

            Now, draw a little vertical line at one end of the horizontal one…this is you.

            Now, draw a small circle/dot as close or as far to yourself or the earth-line as you damned well please. This is the sun.

            Note, that no matter where you put the sun in the flat earth model you ALWAYS have line of sight to it. Therefore, we should be able to see the sun from any location at any point in time on a flat-earth. Vanishing point is a visual illusion caused by perspective and parallel lines. It’s also a super rad movie.

            We don’t have line of sight to the sun from anywhere at any time, however, and nothing that the flat-earth movement has provided explains why.

          • mlaperle

            Ask them to explain gravity. LOL You’ll get a kick out of it.

          • Truth928

            Thats absolutely NOT true…A lighthouse may be visible from 100 miles away or more (and MANY ships captains have confirmed this which would NOT be possible if the Earth was curved) but at a certain distance the light would no longer be visible. On a flat road you can watch taillights disappear after a certain distance ..the tail lights are still on ..but the car is literally out of sight. The Sun is just a few thousand miles away so as it moves away its light no longer reaches us.

          • mlaperle

            How far away a lighthouse can be seen depends on the brightness of the light, the height of the light and atmospheric conditions. Taillights disappearing on a highway has to do with many factors (the highway isn’t perfectly flat, the distance, attenuation, etc.) Sunsets and sunrises appear the way they do because the earth is spherical. If it was flat the sun would appear smaller and smaller the farther away it got. Not disappear over the horizon at approx the same size as it appears at noon. Now take your meds and go to bed.

          • Steve
          • mlaperle

            So it appears that the further away the sun’s path is from an area, the closer to winter that area gets. However, according to the theory, the sun’s distance from a given area determines whether it is night or day (remember converging lines?) So which is it? You can’t have it both ways. A much better explanation for the seasons is the tilt of the earth in relation to the sun. Of course no one has yet answered why I can look into a telescope and see (in real time, with my own eyes) planets such as Jupiter with some of its moons? And these objects have been observed by thousands, if not millions of people behaving exactly the way we spherical-earthers would expect them to (i.e., their orbits respond to gravity just as predicted).

          • Steve

            You asked how can flat earth experience day or night at the same time. The video explained that clearly. The sun’s light because of it’s height (about 4000 miles) has a limit to have far you can see it so you observe sunset or sunrise if you are at the edge of that limit. Get it? How much an area gets sun on a daily yearly basis determines if it’s a tropical region, subtropical or temperate or arctic. It’s just quantity of sunlight per day per year. Live between the tropic zones and you have year around growing season. Now to your ‘assumption’ about jupiter and it’s moons. You are making a mistake in assuming to much. First how do you know the mass of any of those objects, especially it’s moons? Oh I know, you use your magic gravity equation and it all just works out pretty. 🙂 Good thing to know gravity is just a theory and not a law. Other assumption you make is just because you ‘suppose’ things above you are spherical doesn’t mean YOU live on a sphere. Remember that on the true flat earth, the objects above COULD be spherical but really all you would be able to see is their bottom hemisphere and that would appear as a flat disc. In short, you can’t know what Jupiter looks like, nor it’s moons unless you can go there and our current rocket technology just doesn’t get you there.

          • mlaperle

            So now you deny gravity?
            Even though the LAW of gravity has been tested, observed and otherwise
            used on countless occasions, in countless ways?
            What assumptions are you making?
            What holds us to the earth (flat or otherwise)? How is acceleration determined?

            If darkness (i.e., night) was simply determined by the
            distance of the sun relative to a point on earth, then how do you explain the
            sunset? If your theory was true, the
            sunset would not appear as it does. Instead,
            the sun would get smaller and smaller until it appeared to be a tiny point of
            light. The converging lines phenomenon does
            not account for the sunset (or sunrise for that matter).

            Our rocket technology has taken our equipment to the edge of
            the solar system (Voyager). We have
            images of all of the planets and their moons in striking detail. We have images of earth FROM our moon.

            There is a veritable mountain of evidence supporting a spherical
            earth so that for one to believe otherwise, one would have to disregard the
            evidence provided by NASA and other space agencies as a giant hoax. And to do that, one would have to be
            delusional at best.

            The arguments I’ve put forth are just the tip of the iceberg. Again, instead of asking me what I am
            assuming, look in the mirror and ask the same question of yourself.

          • Steve

            Now you’re getting it. Gravity is just a necessary made up plug in that makes their whole system work. In theory of course. It has not been proven as it can’t. Show me one experiment where two large bodies are attracting to each other. So just because you put LAW in all caps doesn’t make it so. They might as well have called it Gmagic because it has all the qualities of magic. They say that gravity sticks us to the ball so to speak and is countered by centrifugal forces of their magic 1000mph spinning ball. Well then you would have to agree that that centrifugal force would have to stronger near the equator and be decreasing so as you move yourself towards either pole. So why is it we don’t get crushed near the poles where you would be spinning at a VERY slow rate.
            So to answer your silly question about what is holding you to earth. It’s called Density. Very simple to understand and no fancy formulas to misdirect 🙂 You see, you are much denser than the medium you are inside of. The air you are breathing. Weight is simply the difference between two densities. That is one reason you are lighter in water. Now the ground is denser than you so therefor it stops you from entering it. Put something denser than the earth, on the earth like gold and it will compress the earth until it’s surface density was equal. Get it?
            Yes it would appear exactly like it does and if you do some yt searching you might find a good video that shows time-lapse sunsets all over the world and how they move to the right as the sunset continues. The sun is moving clockwise so will always cast a glow that will move to the viewers right and a time-lapse will show a definite movement. If it was a globe, the entire horizon would be equally lit and not move to the right. The sun DOES get small as it gets further away. Look for time lapse of that using sun filters. The sun is a 36 mile wide object 4100± miles altitude traveling at the speed of sound. Faster as it moves to tropic of capricorn and slower as it moves toward cancer. Imagine a ball on the end of your hour hand analog clock and you will get it 🙂
            You assume rocket technology has done that. Show me ONE video of a rocket taking off and going into space, including one complete orbit. Of course no cuts allowed 🙂 I will save you the time, because they don’t exist. Now don’t you think it’s odd that something that would be so cool to see doesn’t exist in today’s world of cameras and youtube available to most everyone? Imagine the marvel of seeing from 4 different camera views, raw uncut video of a SpaceX dragon capsule lifting off and finally docking to the imaginary ISS. That would be way cool but I’m not holding my breath.
            Do some homework and careful on the assumptions.

          • Truth928

            The photographs are NOT photographs they are CGI’s…NASA admits this. NASA is involved in some VERY sick endeavors ..They have had MANY sadistic NAZI’s working for them and running “programs.” Look up trauma based Mind Control/NASA

          • mlaperle

            Really?? That had CGI back in 1969? NOT!!

          • Richard Desjardin

            You can easily do experiments at home that will prove the fact to you.

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen
          • mlaperle

            So, what’s your point?

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            Quite the contrary, I’m just adding fuel to the arguments. 🙂

          • mlaperle

            Oh. LOL Have at it. 🙂

          • Shawn

            You have got to see the latest comment to me here! It’s about moon landings being fake, the moon isn’t what we’re told, etc. It’s hilarious!

          • Perspective you say? This is where so many globots fail, and fail HARD>

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            That’s not enough buddy – If what you’re seeing in this video isn’t an effect of the curvature of the Earth, then EXPLAIN what it is, instead of just saying “no” – The above is very hard to take serious at any level at all.

            And, before you try to explain to me that light bends through the atmosphere (or something obscure about gravity) and causes this “illusion”, be adviced that it’s complete nonsense.


          • Jordan Folster

            I doesn’t take a genius to understand that the ground appears to rise to eye level, causing the hoRIZon.

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            Small correction: Horizon can be translated to circle divider, but it’s a nice way to remember how the horizon is perceived.

          • Note the bottom * point note on the last image. ” It will vanish down”

            Both the sun and moon can be seen shrinking measureably while they move away, if you zoom in on a 4K time laps with no lens flare…

            This is a problem for this shrinking should not happen if the sun is so far away…. what 1% of 93 million miles? Sorry but the earth is not that big.
            And the sun shrinks by more than 1% in one fixed frame of the sunset. I’ve measured it with a 4K video, very large screen and a super accurate pixel ruler.

          • That Guy

            Earlier in the discussion it was said that the curvature of the earth is not perceivable on a camera with <60 degree field of view, so how is it that a naked-eye-roughly-180 degree FOV shows no curve, but upon looking through a telescopic lens (which is what I would assume is distorting the image/bending the light at the periphery) which is much less than 60 degrees, maybe more like 5 degrees, suddenly curvature is visible on the horizon?

          • ZenStar

            “Globots”. This condescending rhetoric makes it impossible to take you seriously.
            Weren’t YOU a Globot just a handful of months ago? So, please.
            Well, the “flat Earthtards” fail in the same way.
            Perspective works in mysterious ways and the phenomena of our reality is still very misunderstood.
            Have you studied the rectilineator experiment or the Tamarack mine shaft experiments?
            Flat Earth evidence usually doesn’t account for the fact that gravity/ether bends light and thus our perspective of the world as do all camera lenses.

          • Cry me a river, I discovered this subject purely on my own, by myself, not a single flat earth video, nobody else, so no. I am capable of doing unbiased research and entertaining different explainations for things, not walk around rejecting anything I have not thought of before because it doesn’t suite my current “opinion” that was forced on me…perspective or understanding.

          • Zeroed Out

            You should look up a guy name Ed Chiarini. He has done his own unbiased research and has determined that Betty White and The Queen of England are the same person… along with Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe… and hundreds of others. He has “proof”, too.

            His voice is what I hear whenever I read stuff about flat-Earthers. You’re all cut from the same cloth, it seems.

          • Sorry, I am just reseraching the topic. Excuse me for being able to entertain an idea that goes against the grain.

          • Group me bro. Go ahead.

          • Jordan Folster

            Don’t worry about winning or loosing this arguement, it’s about checking into it yourself… if you place emotions like pride into this subject rather than understand cognitive dissonance….
            It’s ok to be wrong. It’s not like we didn’t “learn” the same things you did in school.

          • mlaperle

            I’ve not placed any emotion like pride into this subject (no need to). I’ve answered your post (i.e. the “P-brain” video) with a reasonable reply and I pointed out the logical fallacy you employ when you completely discard a veritable storehouse of evidence because you’ve allowed yourself to believe that it is all a massive, decades long, internationally backed hoax. You obviously are not lacking in intelligence, so I have to believe there is something else at work. Whatever the case, the evidence for a spherical earth, spinning on it’s axis, orbiting the sun, with a 23.5 degree relative tilt is plentiful. Our solar system, along with the rest of the universe it is a testament to the beauty and majesty of a loving, creative and wise God.

          • Lakawak

            You have never won an argument in your life. You have never won anything in life. You will never achieve anything in life.

          • You act like you know me.. that’s funny. Because you don’t! LOL

            Now please.. leave the thinking and professionalism to the big boys.

          • Lakawak

            No, honestly…you need to go away. I know I am telling you the same thing your mother told you when you were 14. but it applies well here too.

          • Jordan Folster

            No really, you have no substance or integrity, you don’t even exist, you have no mother.

          • Relentless Onslaught

            sock account detected

          • Richard Desjardin

            why is learn in quotes? are you implying that knowledge is a bad thing?

          • Brad Mundie

            No moron, he’s implying you we’re indoctrinated with bullshit.

          • Zeroed Out

            It’s LOSING… not LOOSING. Apparently, you didn’t learn the same things in school that many of us did. lol

          • Steve

            You asked this stupid question so many times and it’s been answered for you. Lets make it stupid simple for you this time. Take a vinyl record. Put the needle anywhere on it and revolve the record 360 degrees. Now you’ve circumnavigated the record 🙂

          • Raphaelle O’Neil

            Take a pizza pie. The middle is the north pole. Then go half way out from the center between it and the outer crust. no make a smaller circle (one within the circle of the pie)… CONGRATS you have now gone east to west on a flat earth model! I love how people MOCK BEFORE they UNDERSTAND!! LOL!! But the world is not flat and NOT for the reasons you believe its not… It’s actuallybeenPROVEN to be spherical concave with 2 REAL seperate and scientific experiments done over a 100 years ago- the Rectilineator which is being redone AS WE SPEAK and theTamarack mine shaft experiments. It has already been proven that the heavens and NOT the earth are spinning … research Airy’s Failure… what they fail to teach you in school.

          • ZenStar

            Interesting how flat Earthers will just ignore this video and keep on hammering their own perspective reality projections.

          • Lakawak

   Another idiot who doesn’t understated what the word “proven” means.

          • Oooooh, cool…. another useless troll who brings absoutely nothing to the table. No intelligable thought or arguement, sad thing you are.

          • Philip Michael

            If that’s the case, wouldn’t that mean at some point your compass would have said you were going east. Say it’s a clock, and you were at 6, and you decided to travel west, now once you pass the 12 mark, for you to get to the same place, wouldn’t you then be travelling east? In a flat earth what will happen if you travelled west throughout?

          • Rusty Walker

            That would mean the stars have to move at several times the speed of light. Exactly how do you think that is possible?

          • RealestNiggaBreathing

            this was debunked

          • Lakawak

            Don’t bother. These idiots are not after facts. They don’t want to be intelligent. Most don’t believe what they are saying. They are looking for attention because they get none at home. The thing is, you don’t evne need to find smoene who has circumnavigated the glove to prove them wrong. All you need to do is find someone who has traveled for a spot on one side of their Earth to the other and did so in just an hour or so. For example, if you look at some of the maps of the Earth on these stupid Flat Earth sites, the Earth usually “ends” in the Pacific Ocean. So to get from California to China, one would have to take the long way around that concave flat earth which would take days. But, of course, it doesn’t. So they won’t get into that debate and instead make up some new hilarious thing.

            And if you wanted, you could easily find spots that were a few miles apart but to flat Earth idiots would be 24000 miles away. And they would have no explanation as to how one could swim to it in a couple hours.

          • You could! that’s my proof and arguement! I am so smart!
            Ends in the pacific? You have no idea what you are talking about child…they all end at the antarctic ice rim.

          • Zeroed Out

            Isn’t this kind of thing maddening? I just saw a post earlier today, where a guy used Super Mario Galaxy as proof that we would see a curvature of the Earth at all times. You know, because a video game with a plumber standing on a planet that he can walk around in less than 30 seconds is a fantastic comparison with the Earth.

            I’m just sad that my taxpayer dollars most likely paid for part of these jokers’ educations. I would like to get a refund.

          • worsethannormal

            So I just went to the pdf you linked and boy is it filled with bad science. My favorite is #20, because it is so obviously, internally inconsistent. First, consider the first law of motion: an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

            If the Earth is spinning then there are 2 forces acting upon the cannon ball before the cannon is fired: the Earth’s spin and gravity. When the cannon is fired, 3 forces act on the cannon ball: spin of the Earth, gravity and the gun-powder explosion inside the cannon. Once the cannon ball leaves the cannon’s muzzle, it only has 1 force acting against it: gravity (which I know, being a flat-earther, you don’t believe in, but remember this paragraph starts with ‘If’).

            Since the force of the explosion ‘out weighs’ the force of gravity, the canon ball travels upwards. This is the unbalanced force, spoken of above. But once it leaves the cannon’s muzzle the force of the explosion is no longer acting on the cannon ball, only gravity is. Thus the unbalance shifts back to gravity’s favor.

            The ball still continues upwards for some time after this because of how unbalanced the force of the explosion is compared to the force of gravity. The downward pull of gravity must ‘bleed off’ the force of the explosion. This resistance to a change in the cannon ball’s state is known as Inertia. It’s why bodies tend to stay in motion. But eventually, the force of gravity slows the cannon ball to a stop and begins pull it down to Earth.

            Now if the first law of motion were wrong (i.e. there was no such thing as inertia), then objects would tend towards rest. Meaning that, once the cannon ball is no longer being acted upon by the force of the explosion inside the cannon, gravity would take over and pull the cannon ball down. So it might fly a few inches out of the cannon’s muzzle but not much farther than that before falling back down. Since that is not how cannon balls act we know that the first law of motion is correct and inertia exists.

            Now, lets think about the the force of the Earth’s rotation. While the ball is in the cannon, the force of the Earth’s spin is applied to the cannon which transfers it to the ball. When the cannon is fired, the walls of the cannon continue to transfer the rotational force of the Earth to the ball. Once it leaves the cannon, the rotational force of the Earth is no longer applied to the cannon ball. As stated above, during the balls flight, the only force applied to it (other than minimal forces from wind and air resistance) is gravity, which is pulling the ball perpendicular to the inertia from the Earth’s spin. This IS NOT an unbalanced force because gravity is not pulling in the opposite of the Earth’s spin.

            So if there isn’t a force acting in the opposite direction from the spin of the Earth, then the inertia moving the ball in that direction IS NEVER BLED OFF and the ball will continue to track “horizontally” with its point of origin, i.e. the cannon muzzle.

            In short, if inertia didn’t exist, which is required for the ball not to track with the Earth’s spin, the cannon ball wouldn’t fly very far. In fact nothing would go very far unless being constantly acted upon by a force. We wouldn’t need breaks in cars, we wouldn’t need to stop trains to disembark, etc. Things would just stop as soon as force stopped being applied to them. But since the cannon balls do fly like they do, we know that inertia exists. Thus the inertia from the Earth’s spin, not having an opposite force to bleed it off, would cause the ball to continue to move with the spin of the Earth.

            Anyone that believes proof 20 (and the rest) on that site is bad at science. Period. They have never observed the real world and need to take a basic physics class.

            Of course you could always do an experiment yourself. All you need is a vehicle traveling at a steady speed and a ball, doesn’t matter what kind… Oh and someone to drive said vehicle. In this experiment the movement of the car represents the movement of the Earth. Once up to a constant speed, hold the ball at face level and drop it. Go on and try it at different speeds. If proof 20 is valid, the ball will will fly back and hit you in the chest at the same speed the car is moving forward. If its wrong it’ll drop straight down. Spoiler: it will drop straight down because no force is counter acting the inertia transferred to the ball by the forward motion of the car.

          • mlaperle

            I was beginning to wonder if I were the only non-flat-earther on this board. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the contention of flat-earthers that the sunset is simply the sun sinking below the “edge” of the earth? And conversely, the sunrise is the sun rising above the opposite “edge”? If so, then how is it that the sun can be rising on one part of the earth while setting on another part and high noon at yet another place? Hmmm. LOL

          • No, and that prooves how little your brain is. When a plane is flying twoards the horizon, does it appear to be going in a downward angle? Ohhh wow, that took so much brain power. I should start charging a flat rate.

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            The fun thing is, nobody is denying the fact that the horizon appears to be rising and stops at eye level etc. However, you use this as a fact to flat earth theory. The reason we use the horizon as an example, is, for instance, seeing the horizon block out parts of, say, a windmill.

            Somehow, you steer clear of that, and just call us uninformed loonies. Do you see what’s actually wrong here?

          • The horizon hides the bottoms of objects because of depth compression. Once the ground is appearantly at eye level everything is going behind everything else. There is perspective convergence and .. most importantly divergence. _i_ and refraction also plays a roll.

            Just as the ground is not really going up, that must be compensated in the non visual realm in the way of divergence..
            The ground must go back down after that.. (but only according to visual senses) not physically… because it never really had risen to eye level in the first place.

            It is easy to trick the eye (optical illusions)

            You cannot see over the horizon line using a fixed eye level with a normal camera but telephoto lenses can often extend it because htey don’t work like human eyes.

            Pretty much the same reason you cannot see the ground on the other side of a wall right in front that comes up to eye level. The only difference is foreground object height, vs background depth height. They still come up to the same height.

            You cannot se over your eyes…unless you could pop them out of your head.

            You could even use the concept of looknig down the side surface of a wall line your eyeball up with it, it will be flat then slowly move your eye to the side of the wall and it will appear to get wider.

            The point is flat plains not only can exist, but the action of them blocking off the bottoms of other objects is easily demonstrated using low eye levels and is not a physical horizon, for it does not match the very wideley accepted curvature forumula of 8 inches per mile squared!

            Light must also abide by perspective, anything that is visual must it is absolute.

            Now, if you will deal with your cognitive dissonance and let me get back to actual tough research, I would appreciate that.

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            What a load of factual nonsense.

          • I don’t need you to verify the easily repeatable experiments, and logic. Get lost.

          • ^ man with arms up (cannot see legs at all) That’s 3 examples now right in front of your face. If you are anti-science, you might ask for a 4th.

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            For ease, I’ll post it here as well:



            This image, I snapped @ 24km. I took this image MYSELF, using MY OWN unit, that I built MYSELF. Everything is utilizing open source tech, and my source code is open source as well. The video of the “raw, unedited” piggy back video showing the “flat” horizon is either a) lying about it’s altitude or b) edited.

            That’s a fact.

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            And all of the sudden, you didn’t reply with mindless insults within a minute.

            In the future, you oughta respect your fellow human beings. If you want to expose some sort of conspiracy for the sake of everyone, you need to advocate good will, instead of acting all internet-soldier’ish. All you really are, is a guy with a computer, firmly believing in something contradicting modern science, and doing whatever you can to have your way, proving the elitism that is you.

            If you had pure intensions, you would be moddest about it – Truth is, you’re wrong, and the evidence I just left you (that ANYONE can gather just spending a couple hundred dollars), is just another drop into the ocean of proofs by observation.

          • Wow a lens aberration, you have some catching up to do.
            My images are from higher altitudes… from NASA (orion re-entry and tether incident) …and an independant source.
            Do you see the independant ballon footage? (pics 4 & 5 are taken with the same camera on the same luanch)
            Well guess what, they have the same curve, at the same spot in the frame, except one is from ground level..hmmmmmmmm
            There are many types of lens aberrations and saggital focal plains. Coma aberration is harder to escape.
            You didn’t even state what type of camera or lense you used, If you knew of this, you would have.

            Also note the curve on the solar panel in the last image, yes it matches the horizon curve. I wonder why?

            You can see spherical aberration here, watch as earth turns into jelly.

            Back to the drawing board bud, but gld I could help.


          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            Camera used for this particular picture was the Raspberry Pi Camera – Datasheet:

            Stop using lens aberration as the never ending excuse to dismiss any image you didn’t take yourself. The tilt of the camera even disproves lens aberration to be in effect here.

          • No, it does not .. and there are still saggital focal plains.

            Stop using actual lens research to dismiss actual lens anomolies?

            Those diagrams are from univesty studies and lens engineers.

            This isn’t a competition, it is merely a exchange of information and you have presented none. Who loses?

          • How much the camera was tilted?

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            That video doesn’t disprove my image you moron. You lost this one, get over it.

          • I lost because I am argueing with an ignoramus.

          • Lakawak

            You lost because you exist at all. You are desperate for attention because mommy ignored you as a child, and your school failed you. Now you are lonely and suicidal and looking for attention on the internet.

          • Sorry, do I know you?

          • Ad hominem, how cute. No intellectual rebuttal detected.

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            Also, come with some material yourself, instead of sending snapshots of stuff you found on the internet. You’re delusional 🙂

          • You bore me with your shillyness, and mindless drible
            What does it matter who took the pic? It’s pathetic you would try to discredit something just because it is on the internet:
            LMFAO this is where I stop, because anyone who takes that approach is truely a waste of time.

          • Snapshots: From NASA 😉 LOLOLOL

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            That images horizon is even concave – Pretty clear edit 🙂

          • Screen caps, not edits. NASA tether incedent:
            Go LISTEN and WATCH the video title at the timer marker seen in the screencaps:
            The cognitive dissonance is strong with you… as expected.

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            Don’t tell me what to do. You’re just another nonsense conspiracy nut on the internet.

          • Awww, someone has no rebuttal so resorts to ad hominem. LOL
            Please don’t force me to look at the evidence! hahahaha
            See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil….
            Vidi Vici Veni.
            You are just another ignoramus.

          • Yup, that’s me.

          • Kimberly B Stone

            These photographs do not take into account the horizontal scope one needs to have to see the curvature. It’s like you’re looking through a paper towel tube and declaring that you’re seeing it all. You’re not.

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            The man with his arms up, has a) his legs covered with grass, and b) nothing suggest that the terrain is level, for all we know, his sea level altitude might be 1 meter below the positioning of the camera.

          • Yes, the grass is on the ground and at a fairly equal height you moron. I guess all three images from independant sources are hilly. How shilly, and what a joke of an arguement. Selective attention span and learning at it’s finest. You can see the foreground grass, and tell it apart from the background vanishing point, Unless you need glasses.

          • Zeroed Out

            Earlier today, I had a person use Super Mario Galaxy to prove that we should be able to see the curvature of the Earth at all times, because that’s how it works in the game. This is the mentality of these people. They’re not what you would consider dumb. They just want to think they’re smarter than everyone else by pointing to a conspiracy that they most likely don’t even believe themselves.

          • “might be” like “might be” oblivious.

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            Your experiments might be repeatable, but your results are flawed.

          • What an amazing rebuttal….

          • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

            I don’t even need to go into detail. I also replied further down to your “unedited” video.

          • What are you even stating? You have no arguement. Please stop spamming me with pointless notifications.

          • Rules of a debate, if you cannot do into detail, and make an sensical, intellegent arguement, you lose.

          • Kimberly B Stone

            I live just east of the Rocky Mountains in the USA. The sun sets behind the mountains and the horizon is well above my eye level. Fail.

          • LOLOL Mountains are above eye level, really? YOU DON’T SAY!
            You mean they are higher than 6 feet? Thanks, I learnt something new today.

          • elizabeth Eva Young

            have you heard of atmoshperic cloacking, you know, some UFOs can cloack themselves, and of course the Harry potter Cloack is a SS, secret space program humans are not aware of because it was given to the military by the aliens and the military’s secret weapon to hide their UFOs in space. There is a video on youtube where it shows the map of America and it shows half of america with the moonlight and the sunlight, the atmospheric veil, because america has so many timezones and americans were used to pay for the secrest space program AND please don’t forget the earth has a dome, the ozone and the firmament so where could a rocket go to ???

          • mlaperle

            Let’s also not forget that the UFOs are powered by the Infinite Probability Drive. I hear there’s a sale on tinfoil hats at the intergalactic Walmart.
            When is the last time you saw your therapist? You’ve obviously run out of meds.

          • Zeroed Out

            I know you said this months ago, but I just had to say that the use of Douglas Adams was awesome. I should point that, however, that it’s the Infinite Improbability Drive. Not that any of these yahoos would know the difference. I say we read all of them some Vogon poetry and lock them up for the rest of eternity.

          • elizabeth Eva Young
          • worsethannormal

            If you want my advice. Don’t engage them. (I wish I could take my own advice.) To quote George Carlin: “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

            But to answer your questions. The most popular flat earth model has the moon and sun as sphere revolving around a point somewhere above the North Pole, which is the center of the disk. And the sun doesn’t set the way you and I can see it set if we were to actually leave out basements as watch a sun set. You see on a flat earth the Sun gets smaller and smaller (due to perspective) and then looks like it disappears over the horizon, the same way train tracks look to disappear when they reach the vanishing point.

            Of course none of that explains what actually happens when you watch a sun set. It doesn’t explain why the sun gets larger as approaches the horizon. Or that half the Sun can be visible above the horizon and the other half not visible beneath it.

          • mlaperle

            I hear you. It just boggles my mind that such people exist in the 21st century. (I wonder if they will continue to allow them internet access in the asylum?) 🙂

          • DillyGill

            Yeah all very well if you are drinking the cool aid. However really what we would expect to see if the earth really were a spinning ball would be to do the experiment in a train (rather than a car) only you would need a ‘travelator’ as the floor (like the thing you get in airports to get you to the departure gates) Then you would have a proper experiment (representing what reality would look like IF we were on a spinning ball). See the trouble is you have fallen for a magik trick. They tell you that your (car) experiment represents reality however because we are living in a different reality to the one you think we are then it is just a trick. If we were really on a spinning ball you would need the floor moving because air and rock would not be held together moving at the same speed YOU ONLY THINK IT DOES!!!! (by the magik [trick] of gravity of course!!)

          • worsethannormal

            Um, how is said ‘magik’ trick performed? You’ve made no testable claims as to what causes the result we witness when performing the experiment.

            Also, I have thrown objects while on a moving walkway at airports and they act as expected; they remain traveling forward at the same speed and I do. They don’t fly back an hit me in the chest. Why? Because this has nothing to do with gravity and everything to do with inertia. And you can’t have an object (like the cannon ball) being acted on by inertia from one force (the blast of the cannon) and not affected by another (the spin of the planet).

            Now I’m not saying the cannon experiment proves the Earth is round. What I’m saying it proves is that flat earthers are really bad at basic science.

          • ZenStar

            I find the videos debunking Eric Dubay and all his proofs to be much more compelling:::

          • King Of Bob

            Sure… Maybe if we didn’t have optical devices taking images of the earth and other objects in our solar system which are clearly spherical. You’re talking complete and utter gibberish.

          • Randall Selinger

            Eric Dubay ia an idiot

          • RiFi

            “It exists many proofs in favor of the Flat Earth theory. I could not rewrite all of them in this message but I suggest that you read the book “200 Proofs that Earth is not a Spinning Ball” written by Eric Dubay”

            Eric Dubay is a deluded moron. His droning, monotonic voice robotically reading scripts filled with anti-science nonsense is worse than nails on a chalkboard to me.

          • Dave Partridge

            Ermm Cook too k so long because he kept retracing his steps regularly, kept getting lost and encountered pack ice floating about which hampered his journey and it was in a mapping and cartography expedition of discovery which takes time, that’s why it took so long. Nothing to do with a giant wall of ice! As for Eric Dubay, his knowledge on anything is entirely suspect and when faced a cognitive argument, he melts like a snowman in a geyser, just like most flat earthers.

          • Naomi Brooks
          • Mike Moeller
          • Andrew Skolnick

            Etienne, no amount of false arguments will ever lead you to the truth. Do you ever try to verify your “facts” before sharing them with others? Cooke NEVER circumnavigated Antarctica. He made a total of 2 circumnavigations before being killed on his third attempt by Hawaiian natives. One of his missions was to discover the legendary frozen land then called Terra Australis, but he never got closer to Antarctica than about 1300 miles. Each of his circumnavigations involved circumlocutious routes taking him to many new lands both north and south of the equator, and sailing thousands of miles of loops. Facts are strong and stubborn things. Falsehoods will always bounce off of them.

          • Ben the Extremist

            This is loaded with information that can be debunked with rational thought.

            For example:

          • Lakawak

            You should really quit while you are behind. And by quit, I mean life.You are Never going to enjoy living. Every day you are going to be lonelier and lonelier. And know that your existence makes your mom sad. You CAN’T win this argument, you worthless little virgin boy WHY live when you know that no one will EVER care about you

          • Steve

            The sun doesn’t set on flat earth.

          • ZenStar

            So when an image shows curvature it’s an obvious fake but when it shows no curvature it’s clearly real?
            Yaawn. . . . this is getting old.

          • That Guy

            if its slightly convex in one still, and perfectly level in another, then clearly the lens is distorting the image slightly. There was a moment in the video where the horizon appeared to be slightly concave for a moment. But I think it’s reasonable to say that considering the variation in either direction that the median result is that the horizon is almost (if not perfectly) flat.

          • Kevin Watson

            Another video from the same event, but when the balloon pops: The shaking in the cam shows a very convex horizon, and a concave one, meaning the lens was distorting the image, and no concrete conclusion can be drawn from it.

          • Liberty556

            Sun and moon on opposite orbits?…then why can I sometimes view the moon in the daytime?


          • Kimberly B Stone

            That’s like looking through a toilet paper tube and saying you can see everything.

          • Jeffrey Black

            Except, if the sun was like a spotlight you wouldn’t be seeing it like you do at sunrise/sunset nor would it appear like it does in the videos above.

          • Mike Moeller

            Your video proves nothing because it’s only showing a tiny portion of the globe moron

          • KO

          • mlaperle

            Keep posting kid. Like they say, “Give ’em enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves.” LOL In the words of the immortal Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!!” BTW, have you seen your therapist lately? Me thinks you ran out of meds…

          • Save your condescending jibber jabber lacking substance.

          • Shawn

            So, you are one of those, “It’s on the Internet, so it must be true,” people. I’ve asked you several questions and your response was telling me to look it up myself. I don’t need to look up answers to my own questions because I already know the answer, as does science and 6 year olds. You haven’t done anything prove your point. All you’ve done is show videos and that’s your proof. I can show you a video called, ‘Harry And The Hendersons’ but that doesn’t mean some family hit a Bigfoot with their car and then took it home and befriended it.

          • lol, pathetic.

          • Shawn

            Further proof that you’re an idiot. You have yet to provide anything remotely close to fact. Instead, you try to stroke your ego. You’re a troll and you don’t even know it.

          • Lakawak

            Yeah, but that’s because Harry and the Hendersons wasn’t on the internet! The internet has high standards. Much higher than Hollywood. So, you can’t post ANYTHING on the internet unless it is true. The internet rejects anything false.

          • Shawn

            I forgot all about this argument! The people on here are babbling idiots and will not accept proven fact as reality because it differs from their conspiracy theories.

          • Steve

            Wow, what an extreme arrogant idiot. Research just a few of your stupid assumptions and get ready for your world to rearrange itself. Well that’s if your not a NASA troll. Extreme idiots and NASA trolls are difficult to tell apart.

          • mlaperle

            I’m sorry. You’re right. I shouldn’t be so arrogant. It’s just that I find it hard to believe that they actually provide internet access to you folks at the asylum.

          • ZenStar

            There is evidence that NASA is not telling us the truth and there is evidence that our world is not how we’ve been told it is.
            I’m open to the idea that our reality is not what we believe it to be.
            But what really stands out in the Flat Earth debate is that Flat Earthers like you seem so quick to resort to condescension and belittling rhetoric, as if people who think the Earth is round are a bunch of mindless sheeple when that’s exactly what you believed your whole life until you watched some videos on youtube.
            Consider that there are usually explanations for things that seem anomalous especially when you are not a trained scientist yourself.
            The attitude of “holier than thou” by you Flat Earthers destroys your credibility and makes it impossible for any rational thinking human being to take you seriously.

          • Lakawak

            You need to look up the definition of the word “evidence.

          • Marston

            @ZenStar:disqus, Great words there.

          • rudimentalist

            Not only can you see the main 4 moons of Jupiter with a moderate telescope, but get a little better one, and watch the rotation of the planet occur over several hours. Jupiter’s rotation period is less than half of earth’s, at about 9.8 hours. One can easily see Jupiter go through it’s rotation over a few hours at the telescope, providing it rises at just after dark, and is visible with no occlusions in the meantime.

          • That Guy

            What you described is not inconsistent with the flat earth model, where if you where heading west you would be “chasing” the sun, thereby perceiving it to stay “up” longer, and vise versa. This model shows the sun being much smaller and closer to earth, acting like a spot light orbiting clockwise around the north pole which would produce time zones much like the heliocentric model. As for Jupiter, that’s a great point. I’m not a flat earther, I just see a surprising amount of plausibility with respect to their model. The nail in the coffin for the flat earth model for me is the existence of the southern polar star. But as far as Jupiter is concerned, it’s simply an image on a lens I can observe. Anything beyond that is speculation, I’ve never been there.

          • Liberty556

            Haha I paused the video on my computer and put a straight edge uo to the screen. There is a slight curve. It would have been more pronounced if the camera would have had a larger FOV. You lost.

          • andy

            It does curve and even before it begins to play it shows signs of it… smh.


          • andy

            It does show a curve before it even plays.

          • jimfay

            I can see the curve without a straightedge.

          • Richard Desjardin

            YOu mean you don’t see the gentle arc of the earth in that photo?

          • Jeffrey Black

            Doing a 360 degree turnaround doesn’t mean you have a 360 degree field of vision.

            The cameras are moving around way to much to conclude that the horizon is always at eye-level.

            If Earth was flat, why did you see the sun (or light from it) before dawn? That only makes sense if Earth was round, so the higher altitudes can observe the sun earlier.

            It is also quite apparent that there is some manipulation of the image such as via a lens or over-correcting for one. In some shots Earth is concave, in others it is convex.

            Also, the video has been edited, at least to some extent, it is a mix of 2 different cameras, with the time jumping sporadically and text being placed over the top.

          • Chirs

            I see curvature, both concave and convex, which would suggest that the lens is distorting the image somehow. Did you even watch the whole video?

          • Zeroed Out

            Please do not reproduce.

          • taneli alatalo

            Seems to me the video shows a pretty clear curvature, did you actually Watch the video? =P

          • jimfay

            I would imagine an ant would consider a basketball flat. If the Flat Earth Society ever evolves beyond the intellect of an ant, they may see it as well.

          • Naomi Brooks
          • Mike Moeller

            Its only a small portion of a giant globe you look like fool with this.

          • Andrew Skolnick

            There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. To see the curvature, just place a straight edge across the horizon in this Dogcam image — but do it with your eyes and brain open. Etienne, we should thank you for for showing us again how useless eyes are when they are attached to a closed mind.

          • Lakawak

            IT truly is sad how uneducated you are. And even sadder that you are using your ignorance as proof of your stupidity. Even more off is that the link you gave TOTALLY refutes your idiotic claim since you can clearly see a curve, even though that by comparison, being 110,000 feet above the earth would be like being a tiny flea on the surface of a basketball.

        • mlaperle

          LOL You ARE kidding, right?

          • Jordan Folster

            Wrong, everything is just as it seems/appears/feels.
            The sun, moon and stars are moving, the ground is generally flat and not moving, neither are you when at rest…there is up and down. The sun and moon are the samesize, and are electromegentic
            WE are the center of our universe ( don’t read genisis )
            Electromagnetism is all encompassing…
            Is it crazy to beleive this?
            It’s ok, mother nature isn’t trying to decieve you. …or kidding around.

          • mlaperle

            …Except that many, many people have circumnavigated the GLOBE… But you’re right. Mother Nature is not trying to deceive us. This is why the popular concept of a spherical earth rotating around the sun (and all of the effects such as sunsets and moon phases, etc.) make total sense.

          • Jordan Folster

            Just because you are incapable of understanding the flat earth model that makes more sense then the heliocentric one, and have clearly not done your homework, doesn’t mean it is round lol

          • mlaperle

            You’re a loon. LOL

          • Shawn

            So, how do you explain astronauts traveling to the moon, seeing the Earth as a sphere? How do you explain astronauts orbiting the Earth? Do they travel along a flat plane and then flip over to the other side and travel that side? What Iis on the other side of the flat Earth? Why has no one fallen off of the flat Earth? How do you explain the thousands of amateur balloons launched with photographic and video evidence showing the curvature of the Earth? How do you explain the amateur rockets that have given photographic and video proof of the curvature of the Earth? How do you explain the top of a ship appearing on the horizon before the bottom?

          • How do you explain how to do unbiased research? You can’t?
            If you really want to know …you’ll go figure it out like I and many people have.
            The most painful part is that many of the answers to your questions are right here in this thread, so I know you are somewhat ignorant, hence me not wasting my time.

          • Shawn

            Okay, we’ll pretend for a minute that you know what you’re talking about. Please explain to all of us that are so ‘ignorant’ what facts you have to prove that the Earth is in fact flat. See, you’re in the vast minority in believing that the Earth is flat, so the burden of proof is on you. So please, point me in the direction of your incontrovertible proof. Point me in any direction….and if I continue in that direction, eventually, I’ll end up right where I started because I’m walking on an enormous sphere. I’ve been all over the world and I haven’t ever fallen off. I’ve traveled beyond the horizon on ocean going vessels and on aircraft. As a former member of the US military, I traveled everywhere and not once was there ever any indication that the Earth is anything but a sphere. So again, where’s your proof?

          • mlaperle

            Shawn, I have been “discussing” this topic with these folks for over 2 months. I fear they are a lost cause. My only concern is that the asylum allows them access to the internet. BTW, Thank you for your service.

          • jtaylorGANG

            Im sorry you have to go through this lol. I’ve spend most my work day reading these comments in disbelif and telling my coworkers about it all. This is pure comedy. How can someone be so irrational? Its honestly insane. Thank you for being so presistant in this argument even though he will never accept the loss. Thats okay. Let him have the scewed mindset, lets see how far it takes him in life lol

          • mlaperle

            You’ve described my reaction when I first got on here about 4 or 5 months ago. You really want to laugh (or cry)? Google flat earth society. Un-Be-Leavable.

          • Lakawak

            The internet is what is MAKING these idiots so stupid. Before the internet, the number of people who still thought the Earth was flat was like 0.0000001%. Now it has skyrocketed…to 0.0000002%. And there are two main reasons why the internet is dumbing down the population. The first is, it allows ignorance to be published. Before the internet, you either had to be rich to self publish, or your work was scrutinized and verified before a publisher would accept it. But today, any idiot can upload a video to YouTube and be seen by millions within minutes. And second, borderline idiots are far more susceptible to believing this crap today. Because they have allowed the internet to replace their own thinking. They have grown up on the internet, so they now think that Google search rank is a measure of accuracy. So they just accept the first link as fact. And the sites that are far more likely to manipulate Google’s algorithms are the wackos.

          • Al metzger

            What’s an even BIGGER concern is that they VOTE!!!

          • jtaylorGANG

            So… your picture from the internet debunks all of Shawn’s real life experiences of the earth being a sphere? Shawn has aked you some pretty valid questions. Did you answer any of his questions? No. Because you cant. Because the only answer to his questions is because the earth is round. And thats a concept you cannot seem to grasp so you just ingore the question and run bhind one of your “proof” videos. LOL

          • Who is shawn?

          • Lakawak

            Yes. it is. Your ignorance of science is not part of some giant conspiracy. IT is just indicative of your failure in life.

          • Lakawak

            The only proof these idiots can give is that a 2000 year old book written by human beings that, even for their time, were largely uneducated sort of says so. I mean, sure, it also says that it isn’t in some parts. That book tends to contradict itself a lot. (As you would expect from a book that has lots and lots of uneducated authors working independently.) But if you cherry pick just the right passages and ignore others, there’s your proof! And you want to use modern science and easily verifiable reality to refute the word of 2000 year old uneducated humans? Your name must be Martin Lawrence, because you so crazy!

          • Al metzger

            First, this “book” (at least parts of it) is older than 2000 years. Second, many people have tried over the past century to prove the Bible is inaccurate and yet in time they have all been proven wrong and the Bible true. Third, people claiming the Earth is flat are not true Christians but are probably atheist pretending to be Christian so they can malign the Bible by acting like nut-balls. Fourth, the Bible does not teach a flat earth. It uses the word Chuwg which means sphere. And that word was used in the Old Testament which dates back 2000-2500 BC meaning the Bible had the truth about the Earth before science caught up to it.

          • Lakawak

            You are joking, right? When it comes to the shape of the Earth, you are actually arguing that 2+2=5. And it is EASY to prove the Bible is wrong. Just go to OTHER PARTS OF IT that contradict earlier parts. The Bible is FULL of such contradictions. AS for it being older than 2000…wow…so you are actually going by the OLD Testament. That makes you FULL on wacko. Even ostracized within the wacko community

            You are never going to matter to society. Talk to your church leaders. Even THEY will laugh at you, right before suggesting that suicide is your best option. . You are an outcast EVEYRWHERE. There is no place on Earth (the spherical one) where you fit in. Every day will just be lonelier and lonelier until you take your church leaders advice and end your suffering. And that will be the FIRST day you contribute to the world.

          • Al metzger

            I always find it amusing when an atheist tries to tell me what is in the Bible. The Bible teaches a spherical Earth. That’s the Hebrew word it always uses. And it used that word before any ‘scientist’ used it. That’s a fact, but one you will never accept because you just can’t stand the idea of a God that actually exists. Too bad, because you obviously need him since you seem to be one hateful arrogant idiot.

          • Bender50

            Why are you so angry man?

          • Moneyuser

            Can you please explain to me how is the flights and ships go from Japan to USA going the other way towards the end of earth, the artic walls? As it’s being claimed? Flights from Japan to USA should take much much longer than it does, no?

          • Jordan Folster

            I don’t really know he to explain the process researching or thinking for and by yourself… Or how to cure of blatant ignorance for that matter! Sorry but you’re hopeless if you have blind religious faith in your government.

          • jtaylorGANG

            We have been trying to cure you this whole time, not the other way around. I dont think these people have blind faith in their government, i just think they have enough logic to know the government isnt covering up the shape of the rock we live on is lol. Plus you know, all the scientific evidence of the earth being round. What made you belive this? im curious

          • Lakawak

            The ONLY thing you can go on is what a 2000 year old book written by uneducated humans said. So don’t embarrass yourself by acting like you think for your self or do your own research. You are a nothing. A TOTAL failure in life. Ni one will ever in ANY way care about your opinion on anything because no one will ever care about your life at all. You are a lonely, penniless failure. You KNOW this about yourself. EERY day you wake up, you say “Lord, why didn’t you call me to your side overnight? Why must I endure one more day of misery and loneliness?” And every day, your mom says the same thing.

            The saddest part is, if you talked to your church leaders even THEY would laugh at you and suggest that suicide is your best option. You are even an outcast there. There is NO PLACE where you will ever fit in.

          • Nunya Biznas

            Check out this REAL video that NASA released of the moon transiting earth!!! It’s REAL!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA… Come on people, are you globers really that ignorant? NASA released this claiming it was an actual video. CRAZY! My 7 year old could tell it was CGI. Check out how the clouds don’t even move. The moon looks like video game graphics circa 1985. WTF people…

          • Nunya Biznas
          • Nunya Biznas
          • Nunya Biznas

            I can’t get the moon transit video to embed right on my end… but if you all might look at the famous “Earth Rise” image below first, then go watch the moon transit video. Please tell me which image is the correct scale? How far away is Earth truly from the moon… really? These 2 NASA images are obviously 2 distinctly different “artists interpretations”. While you’re at it, take this earth rise image into any photo editing software and crank up the contrast. Tell me what you see. What’s that? A clear cut and paste job? By NASA? No way….. they NEVER lie.

          • Lakawak

            And by the way, you worthless little lonely virgin…the FACT that the Earth is a sphere was WIDELY proven (and accepted) LONG before the United States was formed, and therefore the government. It really is bizarre. Do you really think the fact of the spherical Earth has been around for only 240 years?

            But I love how you think that despite ALL the wars in the world, there are TWO things that all the nations f the world can together and work together one. The first is to fool the world into thinking the Earth is a sphere. And the second is, making you a failure. Yup…when you were born, you were chosen at random by the evil governments to be the total failure that you currently are and always will be. IT isn’t YOUR fault. It isn’t YOUR lack of education or worth.

          • Bender50

            This is incorrect. The ground earth vs flat earth debate continued long after the church accepted it about 500 years ago. Keep in mind the church ran things back then. So when they accepted it, they began teaching it in schools and so it became the norm. The final “proof” that ended the debate is nasas supposed picture of the earth which if you’ve seen is a very perfect blue obviously photoshopped picture. Especially if you consider the fact that modern day astronomers teach that the earth is actually an oblate spheroid not a perfect circle. So why is there picture of earth a perfect circle ? How is it we are able to get a perfect high definition picture of planets that are millions of miles away, but we don’t have a 24/7 live coverage channel of the earths rotation? They are questions out there we shouldn’t have to ask

          • Lakawak

            WRONG. There was NO debate among educated people…just as today. every era, there were worthless idiots like you.

   talk about churches…go talk to your OWN church leaders. Tell them that the Earth is flat. After they laugh at you as well, they will let you know that although suicide is a sin, God will make an exception in your case because wasting he gift of life is also a sin…so you are f***ed either way. And since they don’t want you alive…and NO ONE wants you alive, it really is your best option.

          • Lakawak

            And yes, by the way, there is PLENTY of footage of the Earth being a sphere. (And plenty of EASY TO DO experiments yourself…if you had at least a junior high school education, which leaves you out.) Just because you don’t ACCEPT the evidence doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Remember you are in EVERY way worthless to society. No one cares what YOU think is valid or not
            No one cares about you at all. No one will EVER care about you. Your suicide will come after you realize how many more decades of supreme loneliness you have left.. Because no one on the planet will EVER be happy you are alive3. I can’t stress this enough. You LITERALLY have nothing to live for. And never will. Your life is NOT suddenly going to be wroth living. You are NOT suddenly going to have people happy you are alive. It is over or you. Just give your mother what she has wanted for years. You not existing. You have NOTHING to lose. You are an outcast EVERYWHERE you go.

          • Nunya Biznas

            Lakawak. What are you doing, man? Who are you to make such harsh judgments? You may have gone of the deep end (Possibly of the flat earth?). Suggesting someone should kill themselves simply because their beliefs don’t mesh with yours is blatant ignorance. Let me say up front, I’m not a flat earther…YET but I am looking at it with an open mind. You may try that out. You suggest to go talk to church leaders about the earth being flat to see how much they may laugh. I would suggest you go to the Bible and read Genesis for the story of the creation. Granted the bible itself is a compilation of interpretations of texts translated to english. Then we all get to make our own interpretations of someone else’s interpretation BUT… it does not by my interpretation, state anything about a round spinning ball hurling through infinite space spinning at 1,040 miles per hour in a 66,600 mph orbit around a sun that is 92.96 million miles away from us, which it too is moving and pulling our entire solar system through space at a speed of roughly 483,000 mph. Can you feel any of that movement? I sure can’t. I guess it’s the magic of gravity. What about the stars and planets? If we all are moving and spinning through space at these astounding speeds, why does polaris stay put regardless? Why do the stars make perfect concentric circles around polaris? Have you seen any of those long exposure images that show that? How is that possible in the Globe earth model? It isn’t. Have you ever PERSONALLY seen with your own eyes in real life the curvature of the earth? Honest answer is no, and you know it. That and several other FACTS have me on the fence and leaning more toward the flat earth as truth. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been lied to.

          • Lakawak

            I am trying to save humanity. And when people are a burden to mankind, then mankind would be better off if they killed themselves. It is simple math. Most species kill members like you and feed them to the workers.

            Plus.,.you KNOW you have nothing to live for. You KNOW you are a lonely failure. In EVERY aspect of life. So why would you WANT to keep living? You are going to lose your food stamps in less than 2 weeks.

          • Nunya Biznas

            You are trying to save humanity? How are you doing that? Please… you’re foolish. You make these assumptions like you know what you’re talking about. Do you know me? I’m a failure? I’m lonely? Actually, I’m a successful businessman with a beautiful family of 4, a house that I own, several cars that I own. I have never seen a food stamp in my life. I’ve worked for everything I have. How about you? I also posses a mind of my own which I use to contemplate all things in life, including the reality that we are fed by the media and public education. Which is why I’m questioning the globe model. Your pitiful, unfounded, accusatory responses are a testament to your lack of intelligence. I remember in grade school, I was taught Christopher Columbus was a brave explorer that discovered the new world. However, his own writings prove he was a barbaric, child trafficking rapist. And we gave him his own holiday! We live in a sick and twisted society led by lairs. Don’t believe everything you’re told, question reality, do the research for yourself. I would love to see some of these “real” images you have seen that show a round spinning globe. Please post one or two of those here so you can end this debate once and for all. All my research has turned up is a bunch of CGI bullshit and lame fish eye optical foolery. Another good one that gets me… When planes are in flight, if we are in fact on a spinning globe, a trip from New York to LA should take less time than it would take to fly from LA to New York. In reality, it’s about 30 minutes longer to fly from New York to LA. But the globe is spinning 1000 mph from west to east? That does not make sense. Can you get that?

          • Tyler Russel

            Sorry but your last part is dead wrong, the earth isn’t spinning independent of its atmosphere. If it were then clouds would be moving at ridiculous speeds. You should really read up on frames of reference. A plane taking off from an airport heading in the opposite direction the earth is spinning isn’t going to suddenly speed up 1000mph. The only reason this all makes sense to you is that you cant grasp from our frame of reference there is no movement of the earth. This is stuff they should teach in high school physics.

          • Nunya Biznas

            I’m not going to talk down to you and recommend you try reading up on something in an attempt to show I have some mass of knowledge that you you lack. I don’t know you, as you do not know me. So let’s leave the ignorant assumptions about you and I aside for now. I’m not trying to claim the earth is spinning at all. My point is that it’s possible the earth is motionless. Whether the atmosphere is spinning with the earth or not, there should still be a difference in travel from east to west as compared to west to east on a spinning ball. No magic can change that physical reality. Can you or any real scientist produce an experiment that would prove this theory of a spinning atmosphere and it’s effects on objects detached from the spinning ball earth?? Not with out mystical theoretical forces being implemented. If the atmosphere spins in the same direction of the earth, would going against that west to east “current” not affect your ability to travel in that direction at the same speed as when traveling in the direction of the “spin”. Your thought might work if we all only traveled in the direction of the spin but if you turn around and go against the atmosphere’s “spin”, your theory doesn’t hold up. Is there no resistance when moving into, or against the spinning atmosphere? Or does the atmosphere just change directions and move the plane with equal magical force the opposite direction?
            Also… If the atmosphere is spinning how would you explain weather systems moving in all directions with no relation to the supposed spin of the earth? If the spinning atmosphere effects planes, shouldn’t it effect clouds? How can a cloud slowly and randomly float against the direction of the spinning atmosphere that somehow carries planes to and fro around the earth?

          • Lakawak

            By the way, it is not a judgment or an opinion. The shape of the Earth is not up for debate.. There is a right side and a wrong side. And you are on the wrong side, just as your parents were on the wrong side when they decided against the abortion.

            POLEASE do me this favor..go talk to your church leaders. Tell them you think the Earth is flat. After they finish laughing at you, they will agree with me that you should kill yourself immediately. It is not just me that feels that way. You are a lonely, pathetic social outcast EVERYWHERE. There is NO place where you fit in. That is why you are so lonely and always will be

          • Nunya Biznas

            You have nothing to contribute to this discussion. You put more words into berating people you nothing about than you do in presenting legitimate evidence to back up your position. Take some time to think for yourself about the spinning ball you think you live on. It just doesn’t make sense.

          • Kris Williams

            It seems to me like you have some unresolved issues. Unfortunately the only way some people can feel better about themselves is by pulling someone else down. I think it’s known as the seesaw effect. My ex brother in law was like that. Dude, i feel for you. But I think you should take a close look at who you are or talk to someone. Either way, if you don’t change, you’re the one people will end up not caring about. Peace.

          • Lakawak

   to your church leaders. Tell them the Earth is flat. After they stop laughing at you, but before they tell you to get the f*** out of their office, they will agree that in your case, suicide is the best thing for you. Because even there, you are not welcome. You are nan outcast everywhere. That is why you cut yourself every night. And why your mother always hopes that this will be the time that you cut a little too deep and it doesn’t stop bleeding.

            YEs…I have issues with people like you. I actively wish you would kill yourself. Because every day you exist, you bring down society. You are literally a burden to it, taking resources while providing none. I don’t give a f*** about individuals. I care about the species. And in any other species, you would have been killed and fed to the workers. So that at least ONE time in your life, your existence would have provided some benefit to society.

          • Kris Williams

            Lol. Whats funny is that you’re trying to sound mean by spitting your words out but it just comes across as sad. So my guess is either you’re very young or the more likely scenario is you’re just not good around people. It’s not really possible for you to have an issue with me as you know nothing about me. I can also see that you’re fairly lazy in your defence of a flat earth as you copy and paste the same response to many. There is only one of us being laughed at here and it’s nothing to do with whether the earth is flat or not. Have a great day my friend!

          • frazer

            its more possible in a globe than a flat earth situation for you to have rings around polaris on photos..the pole star is not the same star that Copernicus saw plus it stays still cos its 450 light years away so we would have to move miles to see it move a micron..if the flat earth were spinning to get these circles then the edge of the flat earth would be like a ride on the fairground pinning us to the edge..the moon flips over when you go past the equator and so do the way the circles move..

          • Nunya Biznas

            Frazer, thank you for your reasonable, intelligent and mature comment. This is what these discussion boards are all about. NOT spouting out hate at people you don’t even know simply because your opinions differ. As I see it….It’s not just the rotation of the earth that would play into how we see stars in the globe model. The earth spins at 1000 mph, it orbits the sun at roughly 19 miles per second and the sun is also moving at a speed they tell us is roughly 483,000 mph. With all that movement at such great speeds I would think we would see more deviation of the stars positions in the night sky? I sure wouldn’t expect to see perfect concentric circles around polaris. Also, I would say it’s more likely that the stars move around the flat, stationary earth. You’re right to say that everything would just be pulled out towards the edge if the flat earth were spinning at 1000 mph. Take that same idea and put yourself on a spinning ball. Why then do we all get held to the ball by this mythical force called gravity? Why can a 200 lb man stand in Austrailia (upside down) pulled tight to the planet but a feather when dropped still floats delicately down to the ground. If this force is such that it can hold the 200 lb man to the ground would it not pull the ultra-light feather towards it at a greater speed? A vacuum cleaner will pull feathers into it much quicker than a bowling ball, right? Isn’t it a similar concept? I believe it is.

          • David Weindel

            thank you for exposing your complete lack of knowledge of gravity. that is truly astounding. a man and a feather dropped in a vacuum will accelerate at the same rate, so will any massive object, thats why there is a gravitational constant. gravity pulls everything towards the center of mass (also a very basic concept in science) the stars make different paths depending on where you are on earth. also the stars you see differ depending on where you are. this doesnt make sense on a flat earth. nor does a sunrise and sunset. maybe when you flat earthers can demonstrate a VERY basic knowledge of simple scientific principles people might take you serious. until then you just look like the idiots that you are.

          • Ian

            If we can look down on our dinner plate and see a circle – the whole circumference of the dinner plate, or the round table the plate restes on; if we can be climb a tall tree and look down on a soccer field and see its circumference; if we can be a passenger in a plane at 11,000 ft and see an Island, does this not suggest to us that at even greater heights we can see the circumference – the outer edge of some huge flat object – perhaps the suggested flat earth as an actual circle?

            If a hundred people were looking at a suspended giant soccer ball from every angle they would each see a ‘circle’. An orange is a spherical shape – a circle, from any angle.

            The Bible describes the earth as having a circle? Isaiah 40:22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:
            The Hebrew word for circle is chug (khoog)
            The word “sitteth” is the same as sits in modern English and indicates a continuous action. The phrase “stretcheth out” also indicates a continuous action. It describes an ongoing action which the Creator set in motion long ago, just as the winds and waves are set in motion from the beginning following His rules and regulations.

            If the earth is under a dome and the heaven where the sun and moon and stars are enclosed inside, then the stretching out of the heavens described by Isaiah does not make sense. But the reverse may also be said.

          • Brendan Puopolo

            To all the flat earthers i have a couple questions, can we agree that every planet we can see and everymoon we can see with telescopes are most likely a sphereical shape, not perfect spheres but soke for of sphere? If so, then why does earth and earth alone seem to defy the laws of the universe? Yeah earth isnt flat. Every bit of scientific data shows it, and the fact that greeks thousands of years before the bible calculated the circumference and calculated that the shape of the earth is an oplate spheroid. Its not something new, its something thats much much as older than modern day humanity.

          • Jordi Guillaumes Pons

            No, it didn’t. It was absolutely dead until the 19th century. And then it was killed again until the internet has allowed some idiots with too much free time and very few operating neurons to spread it again, atracting other idiots worlwide to their idiocy. Or to their trollery… I’m not sure about how many of the suposed “flatearthers” are simply trolls having a good laugh with their followers.

            Oh, by the way, space stuff is expensive, and will not be used just to satisfy some flattards that would simply discard it as “fake”. You’ve got the EPIC cam and Himawari posting pictures basically every hour. If that is not enough for you, a 24hrs streaming wouldn’t do either.

          • Disqus

            You ARE sooooo kidding I really do hope!! ‘Cause even the pea-brained ‘globalists’ who CLEARLY don’t even research how a PROPER Flat Earth model works before they open their ego-filled flapping gobs DON’T even believe that the astroNOTS ever went to the moon!! I’m not saying all of them, but pretty much a large chunk of the ones I’ve argued with..I…I mean talked with! lol!!…The more times I look at the production from Disney, the more things I can easily pick out a mile away while I laugh my head right off! (It looks just so unbelievably fake, that for the $30,000,000,000 it cost tax payers for the NASholes to make a movie about going to the moon in the Disney sound-proof studios….they could have done a MUCH better job!!)…But HEY…it was the 60’s…and technology wasn’t exactly at an all time high back then…heck, they could hardly lift a rocket a few METERS off the earth without crashing a few hundred million dollars at a time!! So how could they be expected to fulfill Mr. JFK’s order…I mean dream to put man on the moon by the end of the 60’s!!!
            No-body can EVER go to the moon! Not in the 60’s…not now, not even in the future…EVER…Why? you ask…Number 1: the moon is NOT what you’ve been told it is by the NASholes…it certainly is not anything you can land on. number 2: it is NOT terra firma…it is, in fact (and you can prove this yourself on a very clear night) transparent AND translucent, meaning self-laminating (there is none of this rubbish about the way the moon is completely lit up at night is the reflection from the sun!! LOL!) Fact: A convex surface cannot reflect light all over its surface, it would ONLY reflect the sunlight on one tiny point of the whole surface – try it yourself with a silver ball of any size and a torch, then try a large indoor light, then outdoor light, you will soon see that the balls surface will NEVER fully illuminate – EVER…it cannot be done with a convex surface!! Another reason as to why it is self luminescent is because if it were reflecting sunlight, and it could somehow illuminate all over its surface – it would STILL need to be highly reflective – like a shiny silver or mirror like surface, and even then, it would still only reflect one tiny little pinpoint of the whole surface. Going back to seeing through the moon…try it on a clear night with a lot of stars out, and you may see s few of the stars right THROUGH the moon itself!! NO JOKE!!
            Just a bit of food for thought (thank me later! LOL!!)

          • Shawn

            Are you serious? A convex MIRROR can not reflect all around, right but the moon is far from a mirror. The moon is made up of many particles that reflect and scatter light. By your explanation, a baseball shouldn’t reflect light like it does either because it’s a convex surface. There is far more evidence to show that the earth is round, that the moon is round and has been walked on, that we are in a solar aystem, etc, etc, etc. Evidence that is scientific and supported by science, whereas you are giving absolutely absurd explanations for why you are right. Your whole, “It’s convex, therefore can’t light up by the sun light reflecting from it.” Is absolutely, without a doubt, the explanation of a moron.

          • mlaperle

            Shawn, Don’t bother with this freak. He is obviously a big time conspiracy theorist. That is the only way he could dismiss the mountains of photographic evidence NASA and other space orgs have to offer. I’ve seen Saturn with it’s rings, Jupiter and some of its moons, etc. These guys are just loons.

          • Shawn

            I just don’t understand how people can believe the crap they say. The funny thing is, they never have any valid evidence to support their argument. They reference a YouTube video or they say I’m too naive to research it myself.

          • mlaperle

            Yeah. I hear ya. There was one video where the guy was at the ocean and he took his video camera and panned the horizon and noted that there was no curve, as if he was seeing a straight line. LOL He did not take into account that at 6 feet above sea level the horizon is about 3 miles away. And so panning the horizon is not viewing a straight line but the inside of a 3 mile radius circle. And when you superimpose that 3 mile radius circle onto a 3,959 mile radius sphere you will certainly not notice a curve in the sphere. Anyway, who knows why some people want to believe in such garbage. My guess is there is some sort of emotional/psychological issue they have not dealt with.

          • Disqus

            Give Me AS MANY Proofs The Earth Is A Round Spinning Globe AND That The Moon Has Been Walked On AT LEAST THOSE 2 SUBJECTS I think is enough to start a demolition destruction, don’t you?
            Do So – Then I’ll Be Returning The Favor, Right?

          • Disqus

            There is NO falling off the flat earth, if you understand, there is no Antarctica at the bottom of a spinning ball!! Antarctica is IN FACT (not only the UN flag! hint hint!) also the MASSIVE edge of the whole earth all around at around 150 – 200 feet in height (there are MANY photos online!) and the shape in in a circle. The edge is in fact ice which never ever melts and holds all of the oceans in! Past the edge of ice, if you keep on travelling, you will eventually come up to meet the firmament (an extremely durable very thick transparent dome structure!). YOU yourself will never be able to go there though, as there is an Antarctica Treaty in place in which many countries of the world have signed so that no corporation, business or individual can EVER go past a certain perimeter (so that you will never find the firmament which is the direct hand print of a Creator!) They are, and have been for 500 years, essentially hiding God! Also when Admiral Byrd went on his expedition, he took 5000 men there, and he was losing many of his planes…His planes were in fact flying into an invisible barrier shielding and were completely being obliterated from existence due to the massive impact at those high speeds they were flying at! Well!! When A. Byrd found out about this, he went right up to where the planes were all crashing, and low and behold – he actually found the dome firmament!!! (Which surrounds the flat earth circle in a complete enclosure at up to a height of a few hundred Km’s) A. Byrd packed up all his men (the ones that didn’t yet die) and they all left within 2 days, of what was meant to be a multi-generational stay (around 100 years!!). This is another reason as to why there are no satellites, there is no ISS, no-one has ever gone to space, because – there IS NO space!! It was all a science-fictional fantasy of a novel writer back in the forties and fifties!! The AstroNOTS fake most of their footage in 2 places – the ‘anti-gravity’ shots are done in a zero-G plane…and the ISS and ‘space walks’ are done under water in their ‘training pool’ which is all blacked out, has a massive amount of ‘space’ equipment under there, and have many positioned cameras. They all have been caught from time to time with bubbles and so-on coming from their hidden snorkeling gear!! I could go on & on & on, but I’ll save it for next time! LOL…
            As for the ships hulls going under first on the horizon…this whole thing is simply a perspective issue, and if you simply get a powerful telescope and point it at one of these ships that seem as if they are ‘going over the curve of the earth’…you will definitely see – once again – the FULL ship in sight, and on top of the waters once again. It is simply the hallway perspective effect – exactly the same as how the sun travels around the flat but circular (not spherical) earth. The sun APPEARS as if it is going down, but in reality, it is at the exact same level in the sky, only a few thousand Km’s AT MOST from earth. When the sun goes away from wherever we are, it goes away, so far away, that it actually not only gets smaller (check it out yourself!), but also looks as if it is travelling downward, but because the sun is in fact much closer & much smaller (only about 32km in diameter), it also takes its light with it!! The sun is not a massive floodlight – it is more like a spotlight! OK, enough for now (fingers are dead!!)…More next time…[Keep your mind open-always!]

          • Shawn

            I worked for Raytheon Polar Services IN Antarctica. I am certain that you are wrong. I worked and lived at McMurdo Station for 9 months. I got the opportunity to go stand at the south pole, where oddly enough, the sun goes around in a circle rather than falling below the horizon, which further proves we live on a sphere.

          • Disqus

            OK 1 more thing (I know, I know!) One Word – those photo & video ‘evidences’ that we have of the supposed ‘curve’ that you are seeing: “GO-PRO” cameras!! (that will answer all of that curiosity, all in 1 hit!) Go-Pro cameras mainly have a wide-angle “fish-eye” lens, which not only shows a very exaggerated curve of the earth…but it also curves other things in the same frames. eg. The Rockets, the balloons, the people, look at some of the straight poles!(actually research this and you will see exactly what I’m talking about!) This whole idea that the earth is a spinning ball was only an abstract philosophical alternative theory forcefully brought into idea of concept, then without any evidence or proof – made it into some books, and then eventually forgotten about for any reconsideration of review based on new evidences, just simply looked over, until it landed in all our schools, in the modern day education system, beginning with England, then travelling abroad.

          • ch bu

            Flat Earth and Heliocentricity are two entirely different concepts. Flat Earth is about it’s shape, heliocentric is about its location and motion.

          • Elijah James Farley

            This is how they circumnavigate on a flat earth

          • mlaperle
          • Moneyuser

            Why does my shipments from china go to California then gets to New Jersey where it borders the ocean? Why would my package go over my state, pass it 3000 miles and bring it back 3000 miles? Because the shipments go the other way and around to California. Plus if you are denying most of the information from nasa and other organizations (not that I am saying they are always right), why do you trust their maps? Maybe its a completely different map that we know it? You are denying one part of the info and using others parts to prove the info you deny, wrong, which all your all info is from same source 🙂 yey round earth lol

          • Johnny Rotten

            Because everyone is in on the conspiracy didnt you know? Every single company you can imagine that ships products, the captain and crew of every single cargo ship and cargo plane, the maritime and port authorities, air traffic control, the UPS, Fed Ex, Post Office, etc, and all their employees pretend that shipments are first delivered to California but they’re really delivered to some massive secret wearhouse somewhere on the east coast. The products just sit in this secret wearhouse while delivery companies fabricate tracking numbers and destinations for the customers to make it look like your packages are being shipped across country all so government can make sure we don’t figure out the world is flat. The gov’t wants us to believe the world is round because…you know…reasons. They’re hiding the truth of a flat earth because……THE GOVERNMENT!!

          • Kris Williams

            love it! everyone is in on it? and yet, there are no whistle blowers among all these working class people? get a grip…

          • Johnny Rotten

            I was being sarcastic.

          • kris Williams

            Yes you were. And I missed it because y’know, alcohol. My bad bruv…

          • Truth928

            There are MANY Whistleblowers…

          • Roger Barnett

            Rotten is being sarcastic, you know…..

          • Kris Williams

            also, for what benefit?

          • Truth928

            NO. They are just as Brainwashed as YOU. 🙂

          • Roger Barnett

            I’m afraid the FE is a cult and it has roped you in, bub. The earth is a globe. Get over it . Enjoy life. Go get some trim…..

          • Ryan Gates

            I like this guy.

          • Rhan Tegoth
          • Lakawak

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hysterical! So, along with a total ignorance of pretty much everything, you don’t even understand how compasses work.

          • Elijah James Farley

            I’d Say thats pretty accurate, if all of the knowledge possible for one to obtain in all of the known finite universe were say the size of the earth I’d know about the size of a tennis ball. Thanks for the heads up I went over and learned how a compssed worked. You’re the best bro.

          • Lakawak

            By the way, you worthless little failure…explain why things in the southern hemisphere aren’t tens of thousands of miles apart like they would be based on your silliness. OR does distance somehow change in your fantasy?

          • Elijah James Farley

            Whoa bro no need to demean other people. I know you’ve been hurt by the people closest to you but I promise life is better if you let go of the hurt. I don’t think the earth is flat, the guy simply asked how you would navigate a flat earth. I showed him the flat earth map. simple question, simple answer. good luck with your emotional trauma man.

          • Johnny Rotten

            To prove your flat earth map just calculate the distance between Australia and Antarctica using your map. Then charter a ship from Australia to Antarctica, record the distance you traveled and you’ll realize just how off your calculations are because Australia is much much closer to Antarctica than your ludicrous map implies.

            Another way is you and your flat earth buddies can take a conventional navigation map and start on the coast of Chile. Then pick a point on the coast of Antarctica that’s roughly the same distance between that point of Antarctica and a point on the coast of Australia. Then take a ship and travel from Chile to your destination in Antarctica and calculate the distance you traveled. Then continue on from Antarctica to your destination on the coast of Australia and calculate the distance you traveled. You’ll find that the destination between those three locations are roughly the same and that the globe map is correct. If your flat earth map was correct then your trip between Chile and Antarctica would be relatively short compared to the long long journey between Antarctica and Australia.

            If the conventional navigation maps with the longitude and latitudes of a globe earth were false then how do cargo ships, commercial fisherman, professional and amateur explorers, etc, navigate the globe without getting lost? Let me guess, it’s a conspiracy and they have the real maps? The captain’s and officers of those ships are in on the conspiracy and they never leaked the “real” maps? Again this goes back to my point. You can go buy a regular navigation map and navigate the world and verify it for yourself. You can look at the distances between land masses and then travel to and from them on a ship. If the distances are correct and the land masses are in the correct locations then you know the earth is a globe and the globe earth maps are correct. Otherwise you’d be sailing all over the place completely lost.

          • Elijah James Farley

            Whats up man, I don’t think the world is flat. The guy asked a question about how flat earth people would circumnavigate. I showed him the map flat earth people use. I personlly dont make enough to charter a flight to australia and then have a ship take me to Antartica. but you made it sound so logical, that your method was the most obvious way to prove the earth was round, so I’m assuming you have the money and if you’re willing we could go together and prove them wrong. As for flying to chile i think all for the ships to Antartica leave from Argentina. but if you know guy down there that’ll save you some money that works too.

          • Truth928

            You can “Circumnavigate” a table top … does NOT make it a sphere.

          • Moneyuser

            I am not gonna argue of the sun’s distance size ect.. but to say all the pilots in the world and all other scientists ect.. is hiding the fact of a flat earth is just to much work and not worth the trouble at all for the “purpose”. Creation has to make sense and have reason. Just like every single bug has a purpose in world. Even Looking at the this from religion, it doesn’t make sense. Talk to pilots that fly everyday.. Flat earth it’s not 🙂 I would love to get in more details from the religion side, science and reasoning but not the place. Feel free to message or email.. I am at @yahoo . Com with user name in front

          • Johnny Rotten

            If the moon is moving why isn’t the dust and rocks falling off? I mean that’s your whole argument that earth can’t be moving because “common sense” tells us we would fall off the earth is it were round and spinning. So why isn’t dust and rocks falling off the round moving moon? We’d be able to see it since the sun would illuminate it. Also if we were onna flat earth without gravity we’d fall off of earth too. You’re suggesting earth is like a table. Everything rests on the earth just like objects on a table, easy and simple. But a table rests on earth so what does the earth rest on? Without gravity this flat piece of rock you call earth would be in free fall through space or at least floating around tumbling through space.

          • Jordan Folster

            I never said there is no such thing as gravity, but the word gravity is void of understanding, especially on a level that agrees with our senses
            If you actually call it what it is you have no trouble understanding the forces holding things together on different planes of existence ( electrogmagnetic resonance )


          • ItsSecret

            Yes and the bible is the source 😉

          • Kris Williams

            how does scripture agree?

          • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

            A flat earth would become round in minutes under the effect of gravity. Huge masses of bedrock, iron, molten rocks cannot stay on a flat plane. They will attract each other and combine into a sphere. That’s how gravity works. Your flat Earth would exist long enough for a dumbass reply though, so feel free to write it.

          • Roger Barnett

            Get help. You are pathetic.

          • Truth928

            No YOU are just heavily Brainwashed.. Ask Some Questions…

          • mlaperle

            Not sure who this was meant for. Did I say you were brainwashed? (I might have. It’s been a while since I’ve been here). Anyway, if you believe the earth is flat then you are either brainwashed or just plain stupid. I’m just sayin’.

        • Raphaelle O’Neil

          Sweetie… I THOROUGHLY looked into flat earth and it succeeded in DEBUNKING HELIO theory but it FAILED to prove itself on MULTIPLE FRONTS… what did manage to plug the gaping holes in BOTH theories is the CONCAVE EARTH TRUTH. ONLY Concave can answer all the holes that flat earth brings up. and explains why helio fails too. And ONLY Concave has the SCIENCE to back up the theory. Tamarack Mine Shaft using Plum Bobs that diverged rather than converged at the bottom, and the RECTILINEATOR experiment that is CURRENTLY being redone as we speak proved the circumference of the world is 24,900 miles but CONCAVE. We are living INSIDE the spherical womb of the concave world!

          • Kimberly B Stone

            I’m really beginning to believe the Flat Earth and Concave Earth people should be taken to space to see the world as it is. Then shoved out the airlock.

        • Raphaelle O’Neil

          Also anyone HONESTLY calling themselves a researcher on this subject MUST see this:

        • Lakawak

          You should probably stop talking now Jordan. You might be able to salvage some credibility. You clearly have no education. At least not in science.

          • You should probably figure out … that you don’t get to decide that, you sad internet troll.

        • Satan’s left Nut

          I dunno why people are actually engaging in discussion with you.
          Your credibility slipped away at the exact moment you said “…satanic organization…”

        • Zeroed Out

          Until now, I had no idea that people were actually stupid enough to believe that the world is flat. But sure, even though we can see multiple planets and moons that are all spherical, we’re on the one flat planet.

          I am sorry that our educational system failed you so miserably, sir. But tell me this — what would the purpose of this duping actually be? What agenda would it serve? To get us all to fall on the edge someday? lol

        • Naomi Brooks
        • Moneyuser

          I can show you multiple pictures from a plane that shows the curve.. what’s your point? 🙂

        • Lakawak

          You honestly CAN’T be that stupid.. So you have to be trolling.

        • Nathan


        • Ryan Gates

          Satan was made up you tool.

        • JesusDroveAHonda

          I burst out laughing when I got to that last part! Good stuff

          • I burst out laughing reading that you bursted out laughing…

            Won’t tell you why tho.

          • JesusDroveAHonda

            Well now I’m bursting out laughing right back! :O looks like we’re in a perpetual burst loop now.

      • Panning for scold?

    • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

      There’s nothing that suggests that this video isn’t manipulated, just as you claim NASA’s videos to be.

      I took this photo from 24km. This is the raw, uneditited image, utilizing open source camera tech (Raspberry Pi as controller).

      I took this image MYSELF, using my OWN unit, that I’ve built MYSELF – For that reason alone, I don’t trust that video at all.

      Rest of the blog:

      • Satan’s left Nut

        Flat Earthers would probably say you are in on the conspiracy. If you listen to them, most of us are. 😉

        • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen

          Yeah, I don’t even know where to begin defending that… It’s just, very “out there” 🙂

      • Lakawak

        The video is not altered. It is just a tiny field of view. It would be like an flea walking on a basketball with extreme blinders on and expecting to see a noticeable curve.

      • Eric Johnson

        If that’s flat why is there a horizon?

        • Danny

          cause you cant see infinite far. ships that supposedly have disappeared over the horizon will magicly come back when you look in a telescope.

          • Dave

            No they don’t. You are just quoting flat earth video comments that are not true.

          • Danny

            yep i seen it myself many times, look for urself and wake up.

          • Fucque Eweasshole

            @”yep i seen it myself many times”:

            You are a liar.

          • Elizabeth Brown

            You are the liar. You have not tried this as I have.

          • Roger Barnett

            Correct. The curvature is known.

          • Fotografo

            Yep, Danny is an absolute liar. It’s in telescopes that you SEE the ship disappearing. Honestly, to see that with your naked eyes, it’d have to be one enormous ship or you’d have to have freaking eagle eyes.

          • Jordi Guillaumes Pons


          • Axel Fuse

            Yes they do

          • Eric Johnson

            Danny just FYI I served six years in the Navy, 4 years of it aboard a guided missle cruiser in the Pacific. Given that I’m curious what your reference is for the magic you are proposing?

          • Danny

            just type in “ships horizon flat earth” or something on YT and ull have hundred of videos showing them coming back, ships dont go over the horizon, they go INTO the horizon.

          • frank no

            You are correct Danny. I love how everyone is bashing Danny. lol Hes actually correct. With a good pair of binoculars or a telescope, you can zoom into say a ship and see the entire thing, if you see it “disappearing” its because the waves are at diff levels. So use a lighthouse or a building, zoom in and you will see TOP to BOTTOM with ease.

          • Axel Fuse

            They actually never go behind anything, you just cannot see them anymore because of the air particles. When you look far enough even with a telescope or camera lenses you’ll just see a mirror image of the water.

          • Elizabeth Brown

            No, you will not see the entire thing, because it does not happen. What can happen is if you go higher, such as in a helicopter, the ship “magically reappears” because the horizon is then further away. Ignorant people get fooled by this

          • Steve

            I can assure you, like I said before, I’m a 14 year Navy vet, it will reappear in it’s entirety with binos. The waves cover the hull at distance, there is no curvature. You won’t convince me otherwise because I trust my own eyeballs and my own personal experience more than I trust any faulty science. Regardless of how often it’s sited or repeated, it’s not made more valid based on usage.

          • Roger

            @frank no. This is easily explained by refraction and “looming”. Light bends through different mediums just as it does through water. There are demonstrations of laser light following a poured water stream. Distant objects can on one day, be viewed from distances greater than expected. On another day, with changes in atmospheric temperature gradient, they cannot.

          • Shy vieira


          • Jordi Guillaumes Pons

            Now some freaky YT videos are proof of something. Well, no, I live by the sea and I’ve seen ships going away all my life. I’ve watched them with my naked eyes, with binocs and with a telescope. And no, they do not “come back”. As Elizabeth said, you get a magnifized image of the part of the ship that has not yet gone beyond the curve. Anything else, any other claim, is a pure lie and fabrication.

          • Joseph Cole-world Moore

            Atmospheric refraction. Bedford level experiment has been debunked a long time ago

          • Steve

            Actually, the Bedford Level experiment was not debunked, there has been several offers of high cash rewards to the person who can debunk it and it’s never been adequately done. There’s been a few unreasonable attempts, but never anything accurate. I’m a 14 year Navy vet and I can absolutely assure you, if you wait until a ship “disappears” over the horizon and then use binoculars, it will reappear. Wait until it does again, then use a telescope. It will come back into view. It’s going beyond your vanishing point.

          • Elizabeth Brown

            Total rubbish! The ONLY way to get the ship to reappear is to go higher so your distance to the horizon increases then you can see the ship again for a while until it once more sinks below the new, more distant horizon. Binoculars and telescopes are still subject to atmospheric refraction which is exactly the same as your eye sees

          • FireFly337

            I’m surprised by the amount of people who don’t know what atmospheric refraction is. It’s also what causes the sun’s rays shining through the clouds to appear as though they are bent and why they’re not all parallel to each other.

          • Terry Woods

            I’m Surprised YOU haven’t Linked an Actual Replication of this Phenomena so We can SEE IT FOR OURSELVES…
            All crepuscular rays are convergent, or divergent…. NEVER have i seen a Ray of Sunshine BEND… Nor have YOU…. stop it!

          • Chad Kassem

            Sure you have @disqus_rxTmnGqdoN:disqus. We all have. Not just because of refraction, but also because of gravity. Look up Einstein’s theory of relativity if you feel so inclined and how it was proven during a total eclipse of the sun.

          • Terry Woods

            Einsteins’s *Relativity* is an AXIOM added to the math to adjust the errors in it (the Math)… As well a Conjured article to explain away the Sagnac experiment, and to Counter the aether simply by EDICT.
            What Disproving experiment did einstein Do? OH! Name ANY PHYSICAL EXPERIMENT einstein is Known to have performed….
            Scribble on a Black board is a BELIEF [theory] … and Belief, Belief, Belief … Don’t Equal “KNOWLEDGE”.
            “Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.” – Nikola Tesla

          • Chad Kassem

            Several scientists performed physical experiments during a total solar eclipse that validated not only that Einstein was right about light being bent by gravity, but showed Einstein accurately predicted HOW MUCH the light would bend. So there is one example of a physical experiment. Also, did you see SpaceX’s launch of the Falcon Heavy? I thought it was pretty great. Seeing that Tesla Roadster orbiting a spherical Earth was also neat. Additionally, Terry, the text equivalent of yelling and getting emtional does not make you more right. Neither does quoting Mr. Tesla.

          • Terry Woods

            So Quoting Einstien makes YOU Right?
            Text Has No emotions It is for Emphasis and Denotes a Change… YOU Must be one of them Multi-texters…
            ALSO; A THEORY is Not PROVEN because YOU say it Is… There Are NO physical experiments done by Steven (in his head) Hawkings HOWEVER i bet YOU cling to the machines every syllable…. as FACT
            Who bu the way has lived *50 Times* Longer than ANY human in History with ALS
            Get Away from the TEXT and Show us The PHYSICAL experiments…. REPEATABLE by all!
            I find it AMAZING that all YOUR scientismist have done all these things with all the parameters in place… yet when someone sees a discrepancy in actual physical properties of what we see. Your Scientism says WE hadn’t used the Proper AXIOMS in place to Fudge the Math BACK to where They Want it to Be… [SMH]
            One can’t simply theorize an Answer to a Problem Then FORCE the answer by using Axioms To fix equations that differ from the Theory… That is EXACTLY opposite of Science… jes say’n

          • Sanjay Sharma

            Hello Steve…
            I am Just a Curious Searcher. Offlate finding hard to accept that Earth is The way its presented to us. Can you please see the attached illustration n guide if Polaris will synchronously move with earth wen it goes around the sun or Not. Thanks in Advance

          • cheesus_c

            Terry, he didn’t quote Einstein. Your ranting does not do any justice to the claims you make here. It makes you sound like a lunatic with no credibility. There is a simply massive number of physical experiments that prove conclusively light bends when entering mediums of different densities. There is zero debate about this. On the topic of verifying Einsteins theories with physical experiments, see this book:

          • cheesus_c

            You didn’t respond to any of Chads assertions in this comment. Statements that are actually very easily verifiable. If you want to promote an alternative opinion and not sound like a nutcase, you will need to do better than that. I have no interest in this subject but I recall doing various very basic experiments as kid showing light refracting through various objects, liquids etc.

          • Roger Barnett

            I have not seen a single one that shows that. And why? Because it’s impossible, as the earth is spherical

          • Danny

            lol Roger there are thousands of them and if you think they are all fake you look silly because thats how REAL science works, you can REPEAT the experiment, if you wanna lift your äss from your sofa. /watch?v=k0xClWgidZU&t=425s

          • cheesus_c

            Its pretty sad but there are people out there publishing youtube videos that are knowingly propagating false information. The motivation for this is usually just money. The ‘real science’ can be done by anyone. It’s trivial to verify the earth is almost a sphere by doing one of many basic experiments. Yes, including using a telescope to observe a boat traveling away from you… Notably it’s worth getting pointers from the people who spend their entire lives learning about these things.

          • Mush Lo

            Earth is flat… Round earth makes no sense at all

          • Roger Barnett

            Earth is round, spherical. Flat makes no sense at all. See how that works?

          • Terry Woods

            And LASERS Don’t BEND AROUND BALLS.

          • Matt Dunn

            Light does react to gravity. It also speeds up in a vacuum.

          • Elizabeth Brown

            I have a 130mm reflecting telescope. with an inverting eyepiece. I have tried this and NO the ships DO NOT “magically come back” What is visible is enlarged but is IDENTICAL to what is seen with an unaided eye, just larger.

          • Jordi Guillaumes Pons

            Obvious! You don’t need a super-scope to look at that! The ancient greeks did not have telescopes, and understood the geometry of the situation.

          • Derek Bernier

            That is complete utter BS!

          • Truth928

            Thats NOT true .I have done it and they DO come back into view ..there are Countless you tube videos demonstrating this.

          • David

            You have not done it yourself. Had you, rather than simply claiming another liar’s claim as your own, you’d know it’s bullshit.

          • Nunya Biznas

            Elizabeth… If what you say is correct… riddle me this; Average visible distance for any human at sea level is roughly 3 miles (15, 840 feet) give or take. How can we see a ship go over the alleged “curve” after a mere 3 miles yet we have to be over 35,000 feet in elevation before we might have a slight chance of detecting it under ideal conditions? Not only that but at 35,000 feet, 65,000 feet, 120,000 feet the horizon is still rising to eye level? If we were on a ball we’d see the horizon start to “fall off” well before 35,000 feet of elevation. Especially being on a ball that’s curvature was visible after only 3 miles at sea level as you claim you can see.

          • Joseph Cole-world Moore

            Atmospelgeric refraction. Easy answer

          • Hazyn Peterson

            2 different planes. Horizontal and parallel to the eye or perpendicular to the eye

          • Dollarbill2208

            Now answer me this question. Why is it that you can take a picture from the Moon, and never see the same image? If an image shows Africa, which is roughly 0 degrees longitude (12:00 GMT), then why is it that you cannot see North and South America on it? Australia… where is it? Is it possible that it could be on the other side of that round ball that you can’t see? I think there is no possible way that you are able to locate yourself or even your country on a map, whether it be a round OR flat layout.

          • Jordi Guillaumes Pons

            No, they don’t. Have you actually tried this?

          • Hazyn Peterson

            No..they won’t. Lol stupid

          • D Barnes

            No they do not, you are lying

          • Byron

            No, they don’t.

          • A_Guy1231

            That is bull.

          • ThomasN

            You can… ever seen the stars?

        • Adrian Berenson

          The flatness is caused by a fishye lens.

          • Michael P. Mathis

            That’s false.

          • David

            That flatness is caused by someone purposely editing the video. Someone seeking to deceive otbers. A liar.

          • Roy Martin

            Fisheye lenses cause curvature NOT flatness. Where did you go to school?

      • Axel Fuse

        The photo not the blog are showing

        • Kenni Andruszkow Poulsen
          • Axel Fuse

            Looks pretty flat to me 😉

          • Dylan Creasman

            you must be cross eyed or something then…

            Get a straight edge and look at it. should be able to see the curve without it (i can…)

          • Beth Breeze

            Turn your head to the right and look at pic…it’s flat!

          • Dylan Creasman

            You mean that very small angled view of a circle? You do realize how very little of the earth you are seeing in that picture right? If you’re expecting to see a quarter of the whole circle then you will be disappointed. That would make the earth only a couple thousand miles wide.

            Like I said, get a straight edge and hold it up to that picture. Even at that limited view you can tell its not flat.

          • Truth928

            What ? that Proves NOTHING- Like NASA’s CGI “pictures” of Earth..A fish eye lens will make ANYthing seemed curved and can make the Horizon curve UP as well…Video is proof – This photo is a good as a photo from NASA…USELESS.

          • mlaperle

            LOL You flat earthers are hilarious. You can’t explain the gazillions of photographs from space craft so you throw it all into the “Conspiracy” bag. You folks are lunatics…..But quite entertaining. 🙂

          • Steve

            No one has ever seen an actual photo of earth from space. Ever. They’re all CGI and NASA has openly admitted to every earth image being “composite”. Not to mention, the only photos or video of earth that show any curvature whatsoever, are from NASA or another country’s equivalent. Let’s be honest here, the only reason that you consider the earth to be round and spinning, wobbling and careening through space at thousands and hundreds of thousands of MPH, is bc you were told that it is. If you believe everything you’re told just bc you’re told, I’m very happy for you. You must live an amazingly calm and relaxed life. I, for one, like to take in as much info as possible before I make my own decision about something. I don’t like to believe something just bc I’m told that it is……

          • mlaperle

            CGI? In the 1960’s? LOL Let’s be honest. The only reason you believe the earth is flat is because you’re a lunatic.

          • Roger Barnett


          • The Wickerman

            So let me get this straight, the photos I’ve seen that Russian and Chinese space flights have taken are also “CGI”? Our space-adversaries are “in” on this bamboozle too? If it was flat, wouldn’t Russia or China want to show this to make NASA look bad?

            And don’t give me some worldwide Illuminati crazy talk.

          • mbsouthpaw

            Oh no, this goes back to Kepler in the late 1500’s.

          • The Wickerman

            But of course it does.

          • Steve

            Every nation on earth uses a taxation system. $63,000,000,000 of American tax dollars are funneled into NASA annually. I would imagine that figure is relative in other nations as well. In my opinion, that’s reason enough to continue misleading the public at whatever cost. That’s an enormous sum of money to have to explain if they haven’t been doing with it what they’ve said all along. Not only that, but if we’re on a flat, stationary earth and the lights we see revolving around us in the sky are just that; lights that revolve around US, it unequivocally proves that we were created by a creator. Suddenly, the laws and sanctions that are put in place by any nation’s government don’t necessarily mean as much when you consider the fact that there’s a much higher power in control……there’s plenty at stake for any leadership across the world.

          • FireFly337

            It’s incredibly ironic that so many of you flat-earthers use the word “truth” for your names.

          • Roger Barnett

            Not quite. That image isn’t the best example, but the average horizon is nearly at the center of the frame. When centered, even a 180 degree circular fisheye lens has no distortion.

    • andy
    • Jeffrey Black

      This video appears to have been manipulated to correct for a fish eye lens. This causes the antenna to curve, and results in Earth (at least at some points) looking concave.

    • Mr. Fox Haha, this video is from the same channel… check it out flatplaner!

    • Liam Walls

      in fact… not only can you guess that this has been manipulated to look flat, but you can actually put a ruler up against that wire that sticks out, and see that it curves up the wrong way. It should curve down with gravity if anything. So… the video has been manipulated to make it look flat. Amazing.

    • singingcowboy674

      The way to tell is to know the vehicle in space is moving in a linear direction and have a point of reference. Say you launch from the tip of Florida and go into space high enough such as this. And travel in a westerly direction. If the flat earth theory were correct, you would never see the tip of Florida again. In fact, travel far enough and you will see the proposed Antarctic bowl ice shelf and then go flying off into space forever. Same in any direction. If in fact however, you do not fly off into open space and you DO see the tip of Florida once again without changing directions, no matter what your eyes may see, you can discern that you circumvented the world which would be impossible if it were flat.

      • Jordan Folster

        Oh is that so? LOL I see you are new to this debat and haven’t done much research, you speak like you know this from first hand experience.

        • singingcowboy674

          Less you mean to tell me that it’s impossible to fly straight and that you are “cosmicly” being forced to go around and around. Which would probably pick up with navigation equipment.

          There is no REAL DEBATE. Lol! Sorry. SMH

    • Lakawak

      There is no ay you are that clueless. You HAVE to see how zoomed in that is, and how tiny the filed of view.. This isn’t even a debate. You can’t have an OPINION on a fact. You can’t come here and say that 2+2=5 just because some 2000 year old book written by human beings who, even for their time, were primitive and uneducated. The Earth being flat is not your opinion. It is your incorrect statement.

    • Evan M

      What do you mean by “Level = so no spherical lens aberrations”? This lens is clearly suffering from barrel distortion, all you have to do is keep Earth’s horizon in the lower half and it will look flat or even concave. If it went into the upper half it would be overly curved. Are you new to cameras?

    • Paul Brewer

      was this comprised using video footage and not panoramic settings or lenses?

    • Ben Rios

      So I guess stars don’t exist also since there doesn’t appear to be any in your video.

    • Jordan Biddle

      just in case anyone watches this and gets the wrong idea, the lens is obviously distorting the image, all you have to do is actually watch the footage and see how it curves at the edge. if you look at the other videos on youtube posted to the same account you’ll see that as the edge moves towards the bottom of the view it curves upwards at the edge, and as it goes towards the top it curves downwards at the edges, clearly showing how the camera is distorting the image.

      not sure if links are allowed on here but is a good example.

    • Dose of Common Sense

      it has a fish eye lense, it’s not reliable. notice when the earth horizon is below picture center is warps UP, and when above it warps down? You cannot get an accurate picture from fish eye einstein.

    • Adrian Berenson

      Alley, why didn’t you post Part 12? These videos are taken with GoPro cameras have have a strong fisheye effect. Anything below the mid point will curve concave – this is why the Horizon appears flat.

      Watch Part 12 and jump to 6 minutes.

    • balls up

      but the straight line of the ariel is not straight.
      This is the type of comparison the flat earther should apply to demonstrate for themselves that the earth is curved:
      In front of the camera, rig a frame with a taught line tied between. This will provide a reference point which will show how much lens distortion you are viewing, and what effect that is having on the appearance of the horizon. Now, at 100,000 feet, find a video frame where the taught line appears flat and observe the curvature of the Earth. Conversely, find a frame where the earth appear flat and note the curvature in the taught line cannot be real, therefore must be a distortion of the camera lens.

    • Jordi Guillaumes Pons

      The strangely bent antenna seems to show the image has been stretched.So, there _was_ a curve that was purposedly removed. Usual flatearther cheating,Nothing to see here.

    • Brad Hall

      The antenna is bent in the video, showing how you (could have) used a fisheye lense “backwards”, so to speak, to flatten out the horizon…

      You FE idiots are the biggest trolls and/or idiots on the web.


      Took a screenshot of this video, put it in Photoshop, increased the contrast and brightness. You can clearly see a reverse curve. The edges of the image are curved upwards, which means there is some type of lens effect going on here.

    • Red Criterion

      You’re using a wide lense in these videos. Noticable with the nice antenna you brough into the screen. it’s slightly bent, due to wide lens distortion. However If we make the antenna straight digitally and correct lense effects the curvatere schould be visible.

    • jhond Golder

      Prove ANY of these photos were taken with a LEVELed (perpendicular to center of the earth’s mass) lens. None appear to be based on field of view and center point. Also provide lens focal length used as this affects linearity of straight lines and perspective/vanishing points .

    • NA

      Maybe you’re a joker. Maybe you’re an idiot. In either case, there’s overwhelming evidence (much of it explainable via mathematics I’m guessing most Flat Earther idiots not able to understand) supporting the fact that the Earth is spherical, and not flat.

    • Tobias Grünenfelder

      It’s pretty obvious that this is taken with a fisheye lens. The antenna is curved and in the other Videos of the same guy you can see that the curvature changes from convex to cancave when the horizon crosses the centre of the Picture. This only happens with a fisheye lens. Please just use your brain and realize that the earth is NOT flat! Or why does the sun set behind the horizon without getting smaller? If it would disappear because of perspective, it would have to look smaller and smaller before finnaly disapperaing.

    • Denny Craig

      Where are the giant ice walls? Shouldn’t we be seeing the north pole in the center ? This is fake because there are no stars!!! This was done in a studio, because there would be stars in space!! (I’m using the same arguments these conspiracy theorists use to debunk) Hehehe

    • Jesse Joyce

      The “video” is a still image. If it were real the clouds would move somewhat from minute 0 to minute 12. At this distance the amount moved would be small but observable. But I’m not going to waste my time trying to educate those who don’t want to know the truth. Build yourself a rocket and fly it straight up, or donate money to someone else who will do so. At this point we rational people don’t need to work anymore to prove our point. If you truly believe the model is wrong gather meaningful, unedited data and present it.

    • David Valverde

      22 miles isn’t enought

    • nunyabus69

      Hilarious, here is the link to the full video Which clearly shows the curvature of the earth. Flat earthers are such liars.

    • justBob

      How did you get a camera up that high?

  • And the horizon is a product of perspective, BEFORE anything else would be.

    • Etienne Brule

      You’re right. By exemple, a boat disappearing and who seems to go lower the sea level when he goes further, is ONLY the result of PERSPECTIVE LAWS. The same thing apply to trains and so on.

  • LastReal1Left

    proof to end this ..the earth is spherical.. all you need is common sense..something f.e people struggle with..thanks to red bull for the footage.

    • Kimberly B Stone

      That was the most terrifying thing I ever saw. WOW.

  • Some of us…

    This article comes from a shill of Satan. We should see 8 inches per mile SQUARED of curve. So there should be half a MILE of curve over a 60 mile stretch of horizon. VERY noticeable, and yet the horizon, no matter how high we film it from, remains 100% flat. We live on a flat Earth. Here’s proof

  • Jodez

    Poor argument. Standing on the shoreline ships hulls start vanishing at 20 km already. In my field of view from the shoreline left to right I am seeing at least 30 km but no curve…?? I think the reason hulls vanish is due to another reason…

  • Philipp Schaer guy in this video sees the curvature easily at 60,000ft. It’s a stratosphere flight with a MiG-29 fighter aircraft.

  • Simon M

    It’s amazing. These Flat Earth people seem to be everywhere.
    Can one of you answer a question, and give proper scientific answer.
    How can a magnetic compass work on a flat Earth? And to avoid embarrassment I would suggest you read up on how compasses and magnets work first.

  • Sawas Elia

    If the Earth is flat, then the Sun makes rounds above our heads right? But that would mean that we couldn’t see sunrises and sunsets because there will be no sunrise and sunsets. So how do you explain the rise and fall of the Sun? If the Earth is after all flat and the Sun indeed rises and falls(from upside to bottomside) the flat then on all of the Earth we would be in dark for some time, which all know that this is incorrect…..but we all can see the Sunrises and Sunsets, nobody can doubt about it.
    Why we lose sight of the Sun? Assume you stand on the beach front of the sea and you see the sun falls, at some point you will lose sight right? That is because somthing it’s getting between your eyes and the Sun. If Earth was Flat what this ”something” could be?, if it wasn’t the curve of the Earth!

  • Randall Selinger

    Beyond stupid to think the earth is flat…..just as stupid to believe in the bible and jesus and all the other bullshit we’re “taught” in school…..the simple fact that the sun “sets” and rises and that there are seasons should tell you that….really some of you are beyond the moron scale….he he he

  • Jason Clarke

    Some people really are complete turnips.

  • rudimentalist

    There has never been a single hypothesis, or argument, by the flat-earthers that cannot be dismembered entirely. But, the thing is that the flat-earther does not understand science well enough to understand even the hypothesis he agrees with, let alone the destruction of it. They do not possess the mathematical skills nor the scientific skills to learn, understand, and appreciate the simple facts that blow their flat earth conspiracy theory out of the water, along with the many other conspiracies they believe. It isn’t only a flat earth that they believe is a conspiracy. These people make up a part of society that are easily identifiable after you have spoken with them for a while. I believe they were hurt at sometime in their past, and they now suffer a deep lack of trust in anyone, so they readily accept silly notions put forth by others like themselves. I call them Conspiracists. They all believe in multiple conspiracies. Flat earth just happens to be one of the most easily destroyed, and will be seen by anyone who is honest and really wants to know Truth in these matters. The rest will never see it because they refuse to see it, against all of the evidence put before them. They will always believe the earth is flat. It is people like them who imprison men like Galileo.

  • Рон Джамин

    Sorry to throw a monkey wrench into the flat earthers or circular orbiters. Heres another look at our solar systems travel through the galaxy….a helical pattern a vortex, a primary component of the conservation of angular momentum experience, similar to what we see in fluid draining. Except its our entire solar system.

  • Josephine

    I’m confused… how is Antarctica surrounding us>>>>???! You realise people have actually been to this place right? It’s not in some distant galaxy, it’s like saying Scunthorpe doesn’t exist!

  • Bronxboy47

    I remember how shocked I was to see the curvature of the earth on a flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii. I had no idea planes flew that high.

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  • trevor macfarlane

    “Take me to your leader” I hear Englands Queen’s a Lizard.. “Beadie’ Beadie’ Beadie” .

  • jamie anderson

    The earth is actually a dodecahedron.

  • Lakawak

    Just to show how clueless flat earthers are, if the Earth was a standard sized basketball, a 6 foot human being would be the equivalent of the smallest BACTERIA on its surface. And these idiots think we should see a curve? Even someone in a standard commercial jumbo jet would be no higher off the surface that the smallest grain of the finest beach sand

  • T. James

    At What Level People Believe Things Nowadays Despite Verifiable Credible And Sometimes Physical Facts Is Totally Due To The Fact
    That Modern Safety Features And Modern Convenience Have Kept Natural Selection From Doing It’s Proper Job…

  • ZEUL

    Wow! People are really passionate about this topic. As for me, I have a degree in engineering and love applied math. I get, and accept, simple trig formulae for horizon distances. However, i have to admit many high altitude pix do show flat horizons which seem to defy expectation. This isnt proof, merely surprising. I also understand NASA freely admit almost none of their photos are real, and are composite from earth mapping pix. My interest is purely based on the fact that “If what you think you know is based on second-hand knowledge, what you have is BELIEF, not knowledge”. This places most people (even atheists) squarely in the BELIEF basket. I love science, but only if its followed rationally, rather than blindly.

  • Robert Hoyt

    27 miles high (142,560 ft) 360 Degree camera in 4k Ultra HD. Grab the video to spin it over and over again 360 degrees. No curvature in sight….when all calculations, and video presented from NASA and other space agencies would say there is indeed curvature at this height.
    Earth is on an infinite terrestrial electro magnetic plane and our world is just one of many that reside on this plane.
    To learn more about this video visit:

  • Antonella Ercolani

    sooo…..we are supposed to believe you can detect it clearly from the ground watching a ship with a very limited distance and you can’t detect it from the air while looking outside your window from miles and miles? too much BS I have to go flush it down the toilet….

  • The Mind Garage

    You don’t need to get high up at all. Just stand in a massive field on a clear day and look at the horizon. The fact that there is a horizon means that the Earth is curved.

  • Chris Flowers

    Easy. Someone go to the edge and take pictures…. I’ll wait … and wait… and wait …

  • Adrian Berenson

    Here you can see the curvature from an aircraft above 40 thousand feet.

  • Ouslander Osom

    Front the “plane” at 35000 ft to the shore line with binoculars this is miss information. Is anyone capable of doing any actual reading or research? If this is “how it works”, then humanity is screwed. Don’t just take someone’s word for it. Use your own brain and question those who deem themselves “authority”.

  • Elizabeth Brown

    Humans can never see the “curvature of the earth” because our eyes cannot focus at a distance of even 10 miles. What we can see in pics from space is the atmosphere beyond the edge of land but we cannot focus on either the land or the atmosphere. The thing we can see is the circular horizon. This is visible from a boat floating on a calm sea as a circle with a radius of about 3 miles. If on a ship and the point of observation is a lot higher, say 200 feet up, this will give a circle of 17.3 miles radius
    A distance calculator is here

  • -TwentyTwenty

    When you look down a very long hallway at people on the opposite end, the first thing that disappears from people is their feet. And, the hallway is built level. The horizon has nothing to do with the curvature; it is because of the way the eyes work. Cameras, binoculars, and telescopes are fashioned after human and birds’ eyes because it’s the only thing we have to go by! We can only see so far.

  • Mush Lo

    Earth is flat…

  • amazonbass

    FE Guys,

    Double celestial poles. One over the north pole and one over the south pole. Stars go around these celestial poles. In one direction around one, in other direction around the other. This is experienced by 7 billion people EVERY DAY, without the aid of NASA, masonry, illuminati, new age, new world order, heavy metal, Harry Potter, Twilight, .

    This, ALONE, debunks the Flat Earth model. If there is ONE shape Earth cannot be, double celestial poles proves it cannot be flat.

    Simple as that.

  • completeaerogeek

    Here is a picture – unaltered that I took from Concorde in 1999. 60,000′ M 2.0 and you can clearly see the curve. You could also the day/night delineation shadow as we flew towards London and guess what? It was curved.

  • bobbobitybob

    Hm. I’m not sure that I’m buying this entirely. From 35,000 feet you’d see about 230 miles, which is something like 1/20th of the way to the absolute horizon. The amount of curve you can see is determined by the inclination of the observer: from within a circle, the edge appears flat, and the curve only appears as you rise above the plane of the circle. A circle with a radius of 230 miles doesn’t give much of an angle, from 5 miles up. This is just rough-estimate calculating, but in lieu of more meaningful calculations I’m just not convinced you can discern a curve at 35,000 ft.

  • ph1lly

    It’s called “sea level” for good reason! Go ask google how much curvature there is from any destination to another and it won’t answer.

  • john smith

    Check out flight paths… They dont make sense on a round earth, but make perfect sense on a flat one…

  • David Muniz

    What a crock of B.S. The Earth is flat everyone. Ship sailing out do not disappear over curvature.

  • TomCruise

    I must say nice discussion is running here that’s really good.

  • Juliano Bondan

    But there is a equation to calculate that? For exemple, if earth were bigger, could I calculate the necessary high with just it’s circumference?

  • Christopher Abnett

    @kenniandruszkowpoulsen:disqus , your image link is dead.

  • Omar Mallek

    What is the authenticity of this article? Who wrote it and what the source of the picture?

  • traviswrdunbar

    Just a note, though this is very much past date, unless that little metal rod in-frame is curved, there are lens distortions. Taking it into photoshop and drawing a line from the left-most edge to the end shows that it is bowed upwards.

  • jhond Golder

    Can ANY flat earth believer give us names and contacts of ANY PROFESSIONAL involved in global navigation careers who denies the earth is a globe?…!careers/jobs such as airline pilot, ship captain, cartography, oceanography, weather forecasting, surveying, infrastructure planning & construction, missile and rocket science, satellites, astronomy….. All these folks are educated on the spheroid earth model and their calculations that predict where things are or will be seem to be working extremely well
    Speak up FE fans!!

  • JesusDroveAHonda

    Let’s start a kickstarter to buy one hardcore flat earther a ticket to space!

  • Linda Woodyard McFadden

    There is NO CURVE you curverts. The level plane always rises to meet you no matter how high you go on our FLAT EARTH. Sorry get over it. NASA lies, Bubbles in Space, #globexit #fepe

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  • Daniel Molnar