How It Works Book of Amazing Technology out now

How It Works Book of Amazing Technology Volume 2 Revised Edition has everything you need to know about the world’s best tech. Don’t believe us? Take a look

7 engineering wonders of the world
– Top examples of mankind’s engineering ingenuity

Bionic humans
– Find out about the latest groundbreaking medical science

The internet explained
– We use it every day – now find out how it works

Artificial Intelligence
– From science-fiction to reality, AI explained

Also inside…
– The Shard explained
– The EDF Energy London Eye
– Sydney Opera House acoustics explained
– Mega Skyscrapers
– Inside London’s Olympic Stadium
– Electric power
– What’s inside a nuclear reactor?
– Next-gen nuclear bunkers
– Robots
– Bionic humans
– Xbox One vs PS4
– Exploring the Wii U
– How does a gaming joystick work?
– Next-gen TVs explored
– Record players
– Broadcasting live sports events
– A look inside Google
– How do you send and receive emails?
– Wireless routers explained
– Cloud computing
– How Siri works
– How integrated circuits work
– Microchips
– How silicon chips are made
– Inside the Nexus 7
– How MP3 players work
– How electric shavers work
– Camera auto-focus
– How action cameras record on the go
– Next-gen camera technology
– Connected cameras
– Waterproof smartphones
– 3D printers explored
– Active vs passive 3D glasses
– How bagless vacuum cleaners work
– How do pressure washers work?
– Carpet cleaners
– How underfloor heating heats homes
– What’s inside a dishwasher
– How power showers work
– How do fuses work?
– Electric plugs and wall sockets
– How do condensing tumble dryers work?
– Surge protectors explained
– Plus much, much more