How It Works Book of Space eBook launched

From the Sun and the Moon to black holes and faraway galaxies, the How It Works Book Of Space takes you through the wonders of the solar system and beyond. If you want to discover how the International Space Station was built or what happens when a star dies, then this is the book for you.

Packed with amazing facts and answers to life’s biggest questions, the Book Of Space eBook is a must for anyone interested in learning about the galaxy we live in.

How It Works editor Helen Laidlaw said: “The team are delighted that the exciting new How It Works Books range has reached a brand new audience. The Book Of Space for Kindle represents a fun and functional way of immersing yourself in the awe and wonder of the universe while still on the go.”

Dedicated to delivering in-depth knowledge about how the world around us works in an entertaining and engaging way, How It Works books are presented in a style that makes even the most complex of subjects fun and easy to understand. A worldwide phenomenon, How It Works books offer the most diverse and comprehensive way to feed the hungriest of enquiring minds.

The How It Works Book of Space eBook is available at online retailer Amazon, priced at just £5.81.

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