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How It Works Annual 2019

In the How It Works Annual, you’ll find a myth-busting special where we explore some of the most common misconceptions and unravel some of the strangest conspiracy theories. We’ve also got features on incredible space weather, supersonic stealth jets, experiments that changed the world and much more.


Book of Robots

In this book, you’ll trace the history of the first robots and discover the best bots that you can own, right now! Gaze into the future of robotics and look a little closer to home at those designed to make your house intelligent. You’ll also learn how to make your very own robot, using a simple Raspberry Pi kit and some code.


Book of Amazing Answers to Curious Questions

How It Works Book of Amazing Answers to Curious Questions, discover the elusive explanations behind life’s most intriguing conundrums. Why do snakes have two tongue tips? Have you ever wondered what’s harder: brain surgery or rocket science? With sections dedicated to six themes, including Space, Transport and History, you are sure to satisfy your hunger for knowledge within these pages.


60 Second Science

In this fact-packed guide we introduce fundamental principles in physics, biology and chemistry with clear, concise explanations, infographics, illustrations and home experiments. From the Big Bang to quantum mechanics, and fossils to Wi-Fi, you’ll be up to speed with the latest breakthroughs in no time.


Book of the Elements

In the How It Works Book Of The Elements, we introduce you to the basics of elements and compounds. From alkali metals to transition metals, and halogens to noble gases, you’ll find everything you need to know about the universe’s building blocks here.


Inside the Human Body

Inside the Human Body takes you on a fascinating journey – starting at the very beginning, we explore how human beings came to exist and the ways in which our early ancestors evolved and adapted over hundreds of thousands of years. From here we get under the skin, taking an in-depth look at our most vital organs and body parts, from the complexity of the human brain to the structural support and strength offered by our muscles and skeleton.


Book of Weird History

There are some moments in history that steal news headlines and are remembered through the ages. But what about the forgotten intrigues and everyday oddities that have shaped our world? Transcending time periods and time zones, the Book of Weird History collates the strangest facts, stories and creations of all time. Tour memorable societies and meet eccentric characters, learning how their lives and lifestyles impacted the world as we know it.


Book of Space

How It Works Book of Space has been updated with more of the latest astronomical advancements, stunning space photography from the most advanced telescopes on the planet, and glimpses at what the future of space exploration holds. Taking you from the heart of our Solar System and out into deep space. Get ready for lift off and discover the depths of our universe and beyond with extreme cosmic temperatures, parallel universes and known active galaxies.


Book of Amazing Technology

Today’s world has been shaped by innovation in technology. So much so that modern life is incomparable to that of mere decades ago; how we communicate, travel and explore our world is almost unrecognisable. In the Book of Amazing Technology, we celebrate the coolest concepts that have come to fruition, including robots, electric vehicles, interstellar travel, virtual reality headsets and superdrones – to name just a few. So get ready to be inspired.


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