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How it Works eMag Vol.1

How it Works Emag

How it Works EmagEvery page of How It Works issues 1-12 on one amazing DVD!
For those who missed out on the early editions of How It Works magazine, this fully searchable DVD-ROM features the complete collection of articles from the first 12 issues. Playable on a PC or Mac.

1,100 pages
Every fascinating fact and answer from the first 12 issues of How It Works.

Fully searchable
Browse by keyword or by topic.

Amazing images
Every cutaway and illustration from the magazine.

Bonus content
Great desktop backgrounds and wallpapers for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Subjects covered…
– Science
– Technology
– Environment
– Space
– Transport
– History

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  • Tim campbell

    This is great the kids got it for my birthday.

    When is volume 2 going to be released?

    So they can that for my next birthday!

  • David Robson

    Am waiting for volume 2 too.
    Please tell us.

    • Hi David and Tim,

      Volume 2 is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2012. There’s no firm release date yet, but if you sign up to the How It Works Newsletter you’ll be able to get the latest news when it’s announced.

      Jonny O’Callaghan
      How It Works