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We’re going Back to the Moon in issue 145, as we explore the technology and training behind the 2024 mission that’s NASA’s most ambitious since Apollo. Also: how animals see in the dark, underwater city of the pharaohs, hypernova power, meet the inventor of GPS, and why is fracking so bad? Plus: grab 2 digital posters and 2 How It Works specials worth £25!

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Back to the Moon 

NASA’s biggest mission in over 50 years will put boots back on the Moon and bring us one step closer to Mars

Amazing Animal Architects 

Meet natures engineers and their spectacular creations 

Inside the lost city of Alexandria  

As one of the crowning glories of the empire of Rome, what remains of this ancient Egyptian city?

Electricity Explained 

Learn some shocking facts behind the everyday energy we take for granted 

The Father of GPS

Meet Bradford Parkinson, the engineer behind the navigation system that we rely on daily  

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