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Discover the science of the ageing process and the incredible (sometimes wacky) technology that claims to extend human life, even to allow us to live forever. Also this issue: explore the amazing theory of panspermia and how life could have come to Earth from other planets. Meet a real-life Transformer, look inside beehives and wasps nests, see how oil is made into a huge range of products, and much more. Plus, grab yourself two free How It Works specials worth £28 for every reader, and win a pair of smart watches worth £200!


How we use oil

We Discover how oil is made into so many products and the chemical reason why it’s killing the planet

Life from other worlds

Could Earth have been ‘seeded’ with life from a space rock billions of years ago?   

Sunken cities 

Come and explore some of history’s most incredible underwater ruins 

Inside beehives and wasps nests  

Have a look inside the homes of these busy insects from around the world 

Speedy Ripsaw snow tank  

See inside the world’s fastest dual-trackled vehicle 

How smart glasses change reality

Augmented and mixed reality eyewear are on the rise – here’s how this tech works

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