How It Works issue 18 on sale today

Understanding rocket science

Discover the science behind blast off in our space feature that explores the scientific laws that get spacecraft off the ground. From the soon-to-be-retired iconic Space Shuttle to Robert Goddard’s first successful liquid-propellant rocket, we take a look at the vehicles that have ventured out of Earth’s atmosphere and how it’s possible.

Battle tanks

Discover the armoured vehicles that dominate the modern battlefield. Today’s tanks offer unrivalled firepower, agility and protection. Find out what’s inside a tank, discover how to drive one, take a look at the evolution of this iconic vehicle, and find out how smart missiles can take out enemy targets with extreme precision.

The power of magnetism

The force we can’t see but whose effects can be felt throughout the universe. Find out how we harness the power of magnetism for use in the home – and we don’t just mean fridge magnets.


Following the disastrous effects of the quake that struck New Zealand this week, learn how tectonic activity causes the ground to shake and break in our earthquakes feature.

Also this issue: inside social network sites, Suzi Perry interview, quasars, the Hayabusa Probe, metal detectors, silkworms, flash flooding, crumple zones, giant pandas, car backfires, popcorn, tear ducts, human kidneys, F-14 Tomcat, Mallard Steam locomotive, pianos, sewerage treatment, data centres, Callisto, and loads more besides.

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