How It Works issue 20 on sale now!

Among this month’s big features are the science of muscles and the secrets of human strength revealed. We also got hands-on with the new Nintendo 3DS to explain how that amazing free-from-glasses 3D works as well as a detailed look at the awesome features that Sony’s NGP handheld will sport when it eventually hits shops. Within the transport section you’ll find a suitably large feature about the biggest rigs in the world and how they achieve immense pulling power. Elsewhere, in the environment section, we take a close look at some of mother nature’s greatest tricksters and how they camouflage themselves.

Other amazing features include: Satellites and space junk, mummies unwrapped, freediving, sticky riot foam, marathons, make your own app, chocolate production, the first mechanical calculator, the first safety razor, the Willys jeep, beer pumps, seismographs, pneumatic drills, fishing reels, USB 3.0, AK-47s, Galileo space probe, comet tails, cacti, dolphins, El Nino, coal formation, automatic transmission, average speed checks, the Pagani Zonda R and more, including an interview with the BBC’s rockstar historian Richard Miles.

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