How It Works issue 35 free online preview!

This month How It Works delivers a bounty of awesome articles and fantastic features including:

* 7 engineering wonders of the world – The Seven Wonders of the World are ancient history. Now How It Works brings that list bang up to date by picking out a septuplet of man-made mechanical marvels.

* Inside the London 2012 Olympic Stadium
 – Discover how it was built, the materials that were used and which features make this the best-ever Olympic arena.

* The Westland Lynx – A record breaking and iconic helicopter that has been in operation for over 40 years, can anything beat the Lynx?

* 50 amazing weather facts
– Can it really rain fish? How hot is the Sun? Does it ever snow in Africa? All this is revealed and much more in this superb feature.

* Jousting – This martial sport was once about proving military prowess, but was it as romantic as it’s now portrayed?

How It Works issue 35 is on sale from 14 June 2012, and is available from WHSmiths, Barnes & Noble, supermarkets and all good newsagents.