How It Works issue 58 preview

* Jetpacks – Discover the engineering behind these futuristic flying machines and why they are set to take off

animal armour
* Animal armour – Meet some of the toughest creatures on the planet and learn about their hard-as-nails biology

super materials
* Super materials – Harder than diamonds, stronger than steel, darker than night – how are scientists taking natural design to the next level?

story of oil
* Amazing story of oil – Find out how the fuel that powers the modern world goes from the ground to the petrol pump

artificial intelligence
* Artificial intelligence – How can computers be engineered to think like us and what are the major challenges in re-creating our complex brain?

space weather
* Wildest weather in space – From 400-year-plus storms to winds in excess of 700mph, see how extreme weather varies across the Solar System

trench warfare, World War I
* Life in the trenches – Why did trench warfare play such a big role in World War I and what were conditions like for soldiers?