How It Works

How It Works on DVD – just £19.99

When Imagine Publishing launched the exciting new science and technology magazine How It Works back in November 2009, little could anyone have anticipated just what an overnight successful it would be. The public couldn’t get enough of this fresh and informative title, and in no time at all the early editions began to go out of stock. Indeed, you still can’t get hold of isssues 1-7 for love nor money. And so, it’s with real pleasure that Imagine presents this amazing DVD featuring every single article from issues 1-12 for you to keep.

The extremely convenient disc is fully searchable – you can browse by topic or search using a keyword – so you’ll find what you’re looking for in seconds. With 1,100 pages of pure How It Works entertainment, over 10,000 facts and answers, plus bonus wallpapers and desktop backgrounds, at just £19.99 you can’t afford to miss this fantastic How It Works compendium.

Order online for just £19.99 at the eShop.

Download every entertaining page of How It Works direct to your Mac or PC

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  • Florent Quercioli

    Very interesting but price is high for those like me who are already subscriber. There should be some special offers for current subscribers.

  • Paul Watts

    Mine arrived this morning, and I’m pleased as punch with it – great idea, well executed! 🙂

  • T Campbell

    If it is on a DVD why do I need to download it? There is no indication if you can print etc…

    • Hi Timothy,

      You actually don’t need to download it. If you purchase the DVD you are sent a physical DVD in the post with all the mags on it. Of course, you have the option of downloading the digital mags off the DVD, but otherwise there’s no need to download.

      With regards to printing, check out

      Printing the mags isn’t a problem and is easy to do!

      Enjoy 🙂

  • Anny

    Can I get this at Singapore?