How It Works World of Tomorrow

In an age where technology and innovation is moving at an incredibly rapid pace, the world of tomorrow can be radically different than today. Flying cars, robot butlers, brain implants, mobile data reception in every corner of the country – all these things may sound like pipedreams today, but they could very well become a reality. In this book you will discover the incredible inventions still to come, in every aspect of society, from transport to medicine and space travel. So if you want to find out if we will start colonies on the Moon or if you’ll be able to send a WhatsApp from Merthyr Tydfil, open up this book and discover the World of Tomorrow.


Everything you need to know about the future

– Will there be more autonomous cars than drivers on the road?

– From video games to training the military, how VR is set to change the world

– Find out what our most likely cures for cancer, AIDS and malaria will be

– Discover all the ways scientists are hoping to bring man into space

Also inside…

– Hypersonic Flight
– Future of driving
– On board the Dream Chaser
– The rise of smart motorcycles
– The fuel of the future
– Take a ride on a personal submarine
– Next-gen emergency vehicles

How It Works World of Tomorrow

Lifestyle and entertainment
– Virtual reality
– Future of food
– Future of cinema
– How will we shop?
– Travel 2050
– Future of teaching
– The Martin Jetpack
– Your new smartphone is flexible

How It Works World of Tomorrow

– Hacking the human body
– The future of medicine
– Saving lives with nanotech
– The antibiotic apocalypse
– Miracle science: amazing new medical tech

How It Works World of Tomorrow

– Life of Mars
– Osiris Rex
– Inside Spaceport America
– Traveller’s guide to the Solar System
– Farming on alien planets
– Rockets of past, present and future
– Living on the moon

How It Works World of Tomorrow


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