How many trucks does it really take to pull the Empire State Building?

Hey there, How It Works readers. If you’re a subscriber who is currently reading your edition of issue 20 (a day before it goes on sale in the shops!), then we have a confession to make. If you’ve read and enjoyed our Big Rigs feature on page 60, you’ve no doubt noticed that something doesn’t quite add up regarding the Big Rigs Vs Big Objects box at the bottom of the first page. We know it’s only a bit of fun to fantasise about these crazy and, let’s be honest, wholly improbable scenarios, but we would like to rectify the not-so-deliberate mistake. We misprinted the answers to the Blue Whales, Oil Tankers and Empire State Building results. So here we have the correct calculations for you to do with as you will. The Pixel Mags and digital editions will be updated very shortly. We sincerely hope this won’t drastically affect your enjoyment of the issue, but I thought we better come clean.


Helen :O)