How to… build a snowman

1. Location & Material
Firstly a snowman will last far longer if provided with a bit of protection from the elements. Try to build under a tree or next to your house – also, build on an even surface. In terms of material, wet snow works best. Dry fluffy snow is pretty but useless for this task. Lastly, while rolling a ball of snow around is the traditional way of gathering a base, a large shovel is much more efficient.

Pick a good spot for your snowman to live


2. Sculpting & Detail
Once you have enough snow in a mound, pack it as firmly as you can into the rough size and shape of the body. Now we can sculpt. The best tools for this are spatulas, spoons and trowels. Begin from the bottom, carefully removing small sections to add details like feet, legs and the torso, before moving on to the head. Level off the mound at the neck to create a level surface to attach the head.

Take time to form a sturdy, stable body


3. Dressing up
Once the body is made, it’s time to dress your creation. Eyes are traditionally made with lumps of coal, but round stones, buttons or coins can also work – the same is true of any buttons for the clothes. Noses can be any old vegetables, though carrots are the norm. Arms can be fashioned by slotting branches into the torso, while old hats, scarves and gloves can all add an extra touch of realism.

Time to add some decorations!


Give your snowman some winter style with accessories like hats and scarves


Illustrations by Ben Hasler

Main image courtesy of skeeze

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