Hybrid cars in focus

In part two of our interview with CEO of Liberty Electric cars; Ian Hobday, we chat hybrid cars.

What are the basic aims of hybrid cars?

A hybrid car is intended to have a limited pure electric range, which will be zero emission. It then overcomes ‘range anxiety’ with a fossil fueled motor backup to the electric system.

In your opinion, what is best, a series engine or a parallel engine ?

A serial hybrid is a much better solution for the planet. A Vauxhall Ampera, for example, is a great car. The big Achilles heel right now is the distance the vehicles can go. This will be overcome in a relatively short period of time, maybe three to five years.

What are your opinions on hybrids? What are the pros and cons?
The biggest con is that you’re driving something that is significantly more complex than an electric vehicle or petrol/diesel vehicle. You’re also carrying extra weight with a range extender and a motor, which as a consequence, you have a less efficient system. When we get energy storage right, electric motors will be the right way to go.
The advantages are that they are driven by the requirement to overcome ‘range anxiety.’ I see them very much as a stepping-stone to an electric vehicle solution.

The Kia Optima hybrid