Issue 94 preview: Discover what lies beneath the waves in the latest issue of How It Works

The depths of the oceans are a tough place to call home. They may be known as feared predators of the seas but sharks face a daily struggle to survive. Join How It Works as issue 94 delves underwater to find the truth about how these marine behemoths survive from huge Great Whites to tiny Dwarf Lantern Sharks.


Also in this jam-packed issue:

  • Your future in space: Where we’ll go when we leave Earth
  • Special effects explained: Behind the scenes at Hollywood
  • Lost cities: A trip through the ruins of forgotten ancient civilisations
  • A journey on the world’s tallest moving observation tower
  • The most extreme science on Earth
  • Inside the Sun
  • The science of hangovers
  • and much, much more!

How It Works magazine issue 94 How It Works magazine issue 94 How It Works magazine issue 94 How It Works magazine issue 94
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