Issue 95 preview: quantum power unleashed in the latest issue of How It Works!

Even the words ‘quantum physics’ seem daunting but believe HIW when we say, this is very exciting stuff indeed! Quantum physics or quantum mechanics is science concerning photons, electrons and other subatomic particles. Science on such a small scale differs greatly from classic physics and in this tiny world, some crazy concepts emerge. Superposition for example is when an electron or a photon is in two places at once. Truly mind-boggling stuff that isn’t witnessed at normal sizes. But why is all this useful? Well for one thing if harnessed properly, quantum physics will revolutionise computing, making laptops and desktop computers 100’s of times more powerful than ever before. It could also be used in the future for unbreakable encryption and even teleportation. To find out more about this groundbreaking science that could soon become very real, get your copy of issue 95 now!


Also in this issue:

  • Smart cities of the future
  • Secrets of coral reefs
  • Welcome to the Andromeda Galaxy
  • The genius of Ancient Greece
  • Hi-tech personal travel gadgets


How it Works issue 95 preview How it Works issue 95 preview How it Works issue 95 preview How it Works issue 95 preview

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