LaFerrari: The Ferrari Enzo reimagined


Ferrari’s new hypercar is effectively the 2013 equivalent of its last true hypercar, the 2003 Ferrari Enzo. Although LaFerrari retains the same overall length and wheelbase as the Enzo, key specification adjustments allow for this new model to go even faster.

LaFerrari is 43 millimetres (1.7 inches) narrower and 31 millimetres (1.2 inches) shorter than the Enzo to the floor, with a 35-millimetre (1.4-inch) lower centre of gravity and greater weight distribution to the rear (by a whole two per cent). This means the car can slip through the air quicker and better hug the ground around bends – both crucial ingredients for going fast. Ferrari is another high-performance brand keen to clean up its act, so LaFerrari has also employed hybrid technology in order to bring overall exhaust emissions down.