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World of Animals, issue 3

Issue 3 is on sale today and you can find it at Tesco, WHSmith, Asda or Sainsbury’s – and across the world at local newsagents! To get it delivered to your door, order a copy from the Imagine Shop or download a digital copy for reading on your devices here.

This latest issue takes readers on a globe trotting safari to see diverse and fascinating wildlife from all over the globe. Travel to the sweltering plains of southern Africa to learn about lions, then trek to Assam, India, to explore the problems faced by people who live in close proximity to Asian elephants. After that it’s a plunge to the depths of the ocean abyss to discover some of the nightmarish creatures that rule this dark kingdom.
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All about lions
Learn all about these majestic big cats including the secret of their mighty roars, how a pride functions and how lionesses hunt as a team.


Living with elephants
Discover the problems that elephant herds can cause to the farmers of Assam, and meet the people who are working to ensure that humans and elephants co-exist in harmony.


Just like us
50 crazy ways in which animals behave like humans including whales that make music, parrots that name their young and monkeys that take hot baths!


Mysteries of the deep
Explore the life that exists on the immense, seldom visited depths of the ocean floor

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Raising a wolf
The struggles and dangers faced by a grey wolf on the way to adulthood