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Letter of the month competition

We’ve partnered with Hexbug to bring you the hottest toy of the moment. One lucky reader’s letter each month will win five Hexbug Nanos. These small robots will scurry around any flat surface and they’ll even work their way around obstacles, so keep your eye on them when you set them off!

Has something in the world of science really caught your eye? Maybe you visited a museum and were astounded by an exhibit? Is there a latest gadget you really can’t live without (or with)? Does something really excite you about the upcoming era of human space exploration? Or maybe you’ve driven one of the high-tech vehicles in our transport section and want to tell us what it’s like?

Whatever the reason there’s never been a better time to get in touch with How It Works, and we always love to hear from our readers. You can contact us in the usual means via Facebook and Twitter, but for those really insightful thoughts you’ll probably want to get in touch by post or email:



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