LG launches world’s first 34-inch 21:9 curved monitor [Sponsored Post]

LG has created a new ultra-wide, curved monitor providing more visual comfort when working and helping you to completely immerse yourself in movies and games.


The 34UC97 is packed with stunning QHD resolution (3440 x 1440), giving you 2.4 times more visual information at one time than a Full HD monitor. The IPS display also offers 178-degree-wide viewing angles, allowing you to view the screen clearly without distortion.

Many ultra-wide monitors suffer from colour inconsistency in the far corners, but the IPS panel in LG’s new creation prevents such issues, allowing you to see vivid colours and enhanced depth throughout the display.

The colour and definition of high resolution images is also displayed incredibly accurately, giving you an exact view of what your camera’s sensor has captured and what your printer will produce due to a colour space of sRGB over 99 per cent and the IPS display.


To prevent a tangle of cables making a mess under your desk, the 34UC97’s multiport lets you centralise the connection of all your devices, whether it be a camera, scanner, or speakers, on the table. The monitor is furnished with two ThunderboltTM2, two HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports, and a Displayport, so you can hook all of them up to the back of the monitor for a simple and tidy workspace.

Mac users will be pleased to learn the 34UC97 is fully compatible with all Mac computers. Once properly upgraded to the latest operating system, the QHD resolution (3440 x 1440) and original four-screen split function can be interfaced (software is provided in a CD). The two ThunderboltTM 2 slots will also enable you to connect a Mac device directly, allowing daisy-chaining data-storage devices through the monitor (ideally a Thunderbolt2-compatible device such as the PROMISE Pegasus2), and clocking in data transfer speeds of up to 20Gbps – four times faster than that of USB 3.0.

For more information about the LG 34UC97, check out this video and visit the LG website.