Marine robot to help missing plane search

The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 saga has taken a more positive turn with new tech joining the search.

The Blue-fin 21 is a type of AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) which could scan the ocean in an attempt to find any trace of the mystery.

If approved, the robot will search a 230 square mile (600 square kilometre) area 963 miles (1,550 kilometres) off the coast of Perth, Australia. It is unmanned and uses sonar technology to gather data about the area of the Ocean it traverses. It is tracked from land by satellite signals and is recovered from the ocean surface when it has finished its search. It can also make its own decisions on where to look depending on its findings.

The Boeing 777 locater’s are now past their battery life so this technique may now be the best way to find the wreckage.