Mars mystery solved: NASA confirm evidence of flowing water on the Red Planet

NASA have announced an incredible new discovery on Mars. They have revealed that LIQUID WATER runs down canyons and crater walls during the Red Planet’s summer months.

For years scientists have known that Mars has ice locked away in the planet itself, but this latest evidence proves that liquid water does exist there, which will no doubt fuel further claims that life can and does exist on our nearby neighbour.



The evidence that has proven the existence of liquid water is in the shape of cliff stain images, taken by the Mars orbiter. The researchers revealed that the water leaves long, dark, trickle stains that can reach hundreds of metres in length, before drying up when the temperature drops in the autumn.

No one currently knows where this liquid water is coming from, but there is speculation that it may rise up from underground ice or salty aquifers or condense directly out of the planet’s thin atmosphere.

This discovery also improves the likelihood of establishing a liveable colony on Mars.


It is hoped that these findings will help further missions, as the precise areas where water flows can now be investigated. It is believed that these areas are much more likely to harbour life than any other previously investigated area.

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