Meet the rescue robots that could save your life in How It Works Issue 82

When devastating natural disasters strike, sending in human search and rescue teams can result in even more casualties, as falling debris and unsteady terrain make the area incredibly unsafe. To overcome this, engineers all over the world are developing teams of robots that can assist human first responders or even go it alone. Creating a machine that can overcome all of the obstacles of a disaster zone isn’t easy though, as they will have to be able to move rubble, avoid hazards and break through walls, not to mention tackle stairs and open doors. In Issue 82 of How It Works discover all of the challenges rescue robots will have to face, and meet the ‘bots that are already prepared to come to our rescue.

Also in this issue:

  • The 10 most dangerous job in the world, and how science and tech are making them safer
  • Camera tech: Exposing the inner workings of your digital camera
  • Amazon – from click to delivery: Take a look inside the online retailer’s warehouses
  • Extreme truckers: Discover how man and machine conquer the deadliest roads on Earth
Extreme truckers in How It Works Issue 82

Extreme truckers in How It Works Issue 82

  • The science of magic: Find out how your brain is fooled by the masters of misdirection
  • 60 second science: A simple guide to the physics of sound waves
  • Carbon and nitrogen cycles: Nature’s excellent recycling skills explained
  • The physics of golf swings: The science that can help you power the perfect drive
  • The life of trees: Discover how trees grow and why you can’t live without them
  • Cenotes: Explore Mexico’s enormous underground caverns
  • Living on the moon: How we could turn craters into colonies for human life
Living on the Moon in How It Works Issue 82

Living on the Moon in How It Works Issue 82

  • Cannibal galaxies: Learn about the galaxy-eat-galaxy world of the cosmic food chain
  • The Terracotta Army: Meet China’s ancient warriors for the afterlife
  • How vinyl records were made: Take a spin around this retro method of mass-producing music
  • Mexican bandits: The outlaws who fought in the Mexican revolution
  • Global Eye: Discover the future of Formula 1 and find out why peacock spiders dance for love
  • Book reviews: Our verdict on the latest science reads
  • How To: Learn how to brew your own beer and make hot ice
  • Brain Dump: Your curious science questions answered, including why do dogs sniff each other’s bottoms, and how to sat navs know which way you’re facing?
  • Plus, much, much more!

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How It Works Issue 82 cover - rescue robots