MiG-29 trivia

1. Origin
The MiG-29 was born out of the Soviet Advanced Lightweight Tactical Fighter programme in the Seventies. This programme overshadowed the USA’s Fighting Falcon programme.

2. Loss
The MiG-29 entered service successfully in 1983 at the Kubinka Air Base near Moscow. But this only came after two prototypes were lost in engine-related accidents.

3. Fulcrum
The MiG-29 was designated the NATO reporting name ‘Fulcrum-A’ post-introduction, a name that would eventually be adopted by its Russian pilots as a nickname.

4. Fill ’er up
The MiG-29B has a fuel capacity of 4,365 litres natively, with extra external fuel tanks fixable to the wings. The internal fuel reserve is divided into six sub-tanks.

5. Tattoo
In 1993 two MiG-29s of the Russian Air Force collided in mid-air during a routine at the Royal International Air Tattoo. Luckily no harm came to either the pilots or spectators.