Mobile resolution: The evolution of phone screens from Nokia and beyond

Those who are old enough to remember the early Nokia phones will recall the tiny, pixellated screen that left you struggling to read a text, let alone play a game of Snake.

Mobile phones have certainly come a long way since then, with enormous retina displays that offer crisp, clear resolution for watching HD videos and experiencing superb gaming graphics in all their glory.

To chart the rapid evolution of the mobile phone screen, comparison website GoCompare has put together a fascinating animated infographic showing exactly how many old Nokia 5110 screens could fit inside the display of the iPhone 6 Plus. It really is an incredibly surprising number!

Plus, once you have scrolled to the end of the infographic, click on the word ‘Nokia’ for yet another surprise. Just make sure you don’t have a lot else to do for the rest of the day!

(via Gocompare).

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