NASA releases most colourful ever photo of the universe

Hubble, telescope, image, universe, galaxy, photographThe Hubble telescope has been taking Deep Field images of far flung galaxies ever since 2003 and has finally released a composite image, revealing the true majesty of the worlds around us.

Using ultraviolet light, the telescope has been able to look at around 10,000 galaxies and reproduce them using spectacularly vivid colours.

Apart from being a visual feast, the pictures also help NASA scientists to build up a much bigger and more accurate picture of the galaxies that surround us. The returning ultraviolet light is formed by galaxies in which new stars are being created, so we can now know where activity is taking place.

Due to the Earth’s atmosphere filtering most of the ultraviolet light, the telescope that records the images needs to be in space, where it can get a clear picture of the light being sent our way.