NASA to announce exciting news on ocean worlds

NASA has news for us. A press conference will be held today at 7pm UK time and is rumoured to be bringing with it revelations of new ocean worlds in our solar system. The discoveries were found after a joint effort by the Hubble telescope and the Cassini spacecraft. Launched in 1997, it has been orbiting Saturn and its moons since 2004. It was the first mission to circle the gas giant and this year is undertaking its final mission. There is much speculation on what the findings actually are but they definitely revolve around the discovery of water in some capacity, perhaps on one of the icy Saturnian moons like Titan or Enceladus where different states of water have already been found. The rumour in the press at the moment is that it is an alien liquid ocean that could be a potential habitable zone for humans. The findings will help NASA set the course for the upcoming Europa Clipper, a mission that will launch in 2020. The conference will be attended by leading world experts and be broadcast live on NASA TV and its website. If you want to ask a question, use #AskNASA!

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NASA ocean world annoucement