National Geographic Channel’s Breakthrough series explores what makes us human

Open your mind to the cutting-edge scientific discoveries that are set to transform our lives forever in National Geographic Channel’s Breakthrough on Sundays at 10pm.

In episode one (now available on demand) Peter Berg brought us the ground-breaking and inspirational stories of the pioneers protecting the world from deadly pandemics. Now, acclaimed Hollywood actor and director Paul Giamatti takes the helm to explore how technology and biology are fusing together to make us stronger, faster and smarter.

Chances are you either know, or you are, a cyborg: a person who is aided or enhanced by embedded technology, such as artificial limbs and pacemakers. Advances in science are taking us beyond replacement parts and into a new realm, and as the natural and the man-made worlds merge, will we become more than human? Or something other than human?

National Geographic Breakthrough

Paul Giamatti directs the More Than Human episode of Breakthrough.

National Geographic Breakthrough

Paul Giamatti watching Eric, a footballer who lost the use of his legs, in the walking trainer.

National Geographic Breakthrough

Paul Giamatti, left, getting prepped for an out-of-body doll experiment with Catherine Preston.

Breakthrough continues with ‘More Than Human’ on Sunday at 10pm on National Geographic Channel. 

Watch a preview of ‘More Than Human’ below…

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