(Nearly) all of history in one epic book!

The How It Works Book of Incredible History is out now, both digitally and in shops.

It covers everything from Aztec warriors and horse armour, right through to trench warfare and WWI dogfights.

Whether you’re a fan of ancient history, modern history or that bit of history in between that no one is really quite sure what to call, you’ll find hundreds of amazing facts to excite, intrigue and entertain.

We think it’s absolutely brilliant, but then we would, so why not give it a read and let us know what you think of it? You’ll discover what velociraptors were really like and take a tour of the inside of Florence cathedral.

We’ve packed so much into this book, you’re bound to find plenty to enjoy so head on over to the digital shop or, if you’re feeling as adventurous as the musketeers you’ll learn about, head to a real supermarket or newsagent to pick up your copy.