How It Works

New Airboard is the world’s smallest manned aircraft

This ultralight quadcopter could provide the answer for people dreaming of piloting their own aircraft.

A thermal battery powers four high-speed electric motors, which allows the Airboard to fly over any type of terrain you can throw at it.

The user operates the Airboard by simply leaning in the direction they wish to travel. It has an array of potential applications, some of which includes search and rescue for the emergency services and potentially military espionage.

Watch how the Airboard works and how it can fit into the boot of a car….



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  • BillClitone

    yeah….. I can just see some guy from the bush forking out dough for this.

  • Calmplexed

    It wasn’t manned. I was lead to believe that I would see a manned aircraft.

    • Steven Dutch

      Ooh, but it has a colorful battery life indicator! I’m sold. Take my bank account. I think the writing style is from the same guy who wants me to help him get $25 million out of Nigeria. Not only is it not manned, there’s not a single frame of real video. All CGI. Capped off with an appeal to invest. How can you resist?