Next-gen airplane cabins

How aeroplane seats are being upgraded to be comfier, more spacious and energy efficient.

With long-haul flights often a necessity for business and leisure, passenger comfort is becoming more important than ever. The AirGo economy seat is an award-winning concept that has been created to help revolutionise the experience of air travel. The recyclable AirGo will provide passengers with more personal space, meaning their movements will not affect others,  sorting the common issue of reclining seat etiquette. The new seat will have three configurations, for reading, watching TV and sleeping. Adjustable screens, footrests, neck support and back support will ensure that every passenger will find a comfortable position. A different cabin layout has also been proposed in order to make the best use of space. In an Airbus A380, for example, the suggested four-aisle layout (single seats by the windows and three rows of double seats in between) will make the new seats up to 200 percent more space-efficient than their current first-class equivalents, with the same level of comfort at a cheaper rate. If the concept is successful, it will aim to be a mid-range option between first class and economy, and will likely be trialled for use on trains and luxury cars.

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