NTT Com’s cloud service helps speed up Honda’s production [Sponsored post]

Car and motorcycle manufacturer Honda has found a faster, cheaper and more secure way of working with its global supplier network.

The company has over 10,000 suppliers in 54 different countries with whom it collaborates on new product designs. This requires sharing huge CAD (Computer-aided design) files across the world, which until recently have largely been sent by courier service as prints or data recorded on media. This method was of course slow, costly and not particularly secure, but thanks to NTT Communications Corporation, there is now a solution.

Honda has started to develop a Global Supplier Network (GSN) using NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud. This virtual private cloud infrastructure is provided from 11 data centres in nine countries, and along with the Biz Storage File Transfer service, allows data to be shared quickly and securely over the internet via these centres. The system is also very easy to use as it is self-manageable and has a single global customer portal.

Honda has been using this GSN since 2013, with data centres in Japan and Singapore connected to the system. They have already seen file sharing become 14 times faster and annual operating costs decrease by 30 per cent, and are planning to link to further data centres in Thailand, the UK and North America in the near future.

To find out more, watch the video below…