Photography for Beginners magazine launches today!

Today sees the launch of an exciting new magazine, Photography for Beginners. Aimed at new photographers who are embracing technologies like social networking websites and the iPad to share their photos, this magazine is truly one of a kind.

“We understand that that we people shoot, edit and share their photos has evolved,” says editor in chief, Debbi Allen. “We’ve developed a magazine that will help this new generation of photographer create their best photos, and show them off!”

Photography for Beginners is a 100-page magazine, made to the same high quality values as the rest of the Imagine portfolio. It boasts a hands-on teaching style, with projects that readers can follow along at home. From 5 minute Photoshop techniques to photography projects that might take a little more time, Photography for Beginners is the ultimate learning tool, no matter whether you shoot with a cameraphone, compact or system camera.

Accompanying the new magazine is a brand-new tutorial based website, which is fully integrated with Twitter, Flickr and Facebook, enabling readers to share their photographers with a wide community of like-minded people, instantly.

For further information, please visit or to buy a copy of the magazine, head to your local high street magazine retailer.

Issue one includes:

* Beginners Guide to Landscapes
* Shoot, edit and share better portraits
* 5 minute project: Use your flash
* How to share via Twitter
* Introduction to image editing
* Straighten horizons on the iPad
* Understanding Photoshop Layers
* Reader camera reviews
* The best camera bags revealed

And much more!