How It Works

Why do we float in the Dead Sea?

Credit: Ranveig

The key to this strange phenomenon is the high level of mineral salt within the Dead Sea. In fact, sitting at roughly 31.5 per cent, the Dead Sea has a salinity roughly ten-times that of a standard ocean. The consequences of this are two fold: firstly, no water-dwelling creature or plant can survive in the Dead Sea, and secondly, humans can float due to its high density compared to our average mass. Simply put, the Dead Sea’s high salt content has the effect of making the human body more buoyant.

  • Juanda

    I swam in the Dead Sea and got fascinated with the rocks I encounterd. So I began collecting
    them as I floated, placing my chosen ones on my lap as I floated to shore. I was impressed
    that I continued to float regardless of the weight on me. It was fun experiencing the buoyancy
    and being unable to sink no matter how much I tried.

    There is a Mono Lake the the state of Nevada, USA that I experienced as a little kid that is
    also more salty than the ocean. The buoyancy is not as extreme as that of the Dead Sea, and
    it does have living organisms in it.

    I have fond memories of both experiences