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Why don’t Apple Mac computers get viruses?

Macs can get viruses, but there are a few factors that ensure it’s a rare occurrence. The operating system run by a computer is what gets the virus. Windows is the most common OS, with an estimated 90% of people using it. As more people have exposure to Windows, any malware (malicious software such as a virus) written for Windows will affect more people. Macs also use a Unix-based system, which means that users have less privileges to install software. Recent Mac operating systems update daily with a list of recognised malware, which means that if a malicious site is visited that tries to install malware, the user will be notified. It’s thought to be impossible to get a virus on an iPhone or iPad, because they only accept software approved by Apple. Happy computing!

Answered by David Houston.

  • me

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay apple

  • Viking

    Yaaaay Apple? Really? Lets get some other facts into the mix, with 10% of the market nobody cares to write malicious code to attack OS X. I have multiple Mac’s, they DO NOT get daily updates, David, you know this so why say they do?

    This little article was written on 7/11, somehow David didn’t note the Mac Defender virus that Apple ignored and went out of their way to tell support staff to pretend isn’t there. Finally after A LOT of public pressure they have done something about it.

    Unix has nothing to do with how safe a Mac is, if Apple had 90% of the market you can bet there would be plenty for Mac owners to worry about. As for less privilege you get prompted for your password, the same as Windows 7, once you type that password you have given permission for whatever asked for it be it something you executed or a downloaded virus tried to get permission for.

    Don’t get me wrong but I have heard Apple fan boys for decades talk about how monopolistic Microsoft is, what system is more closed and monopolistic than Apple?? This may be the wrong term but you get my point, Apple squashes anything that gets in their way or companies that try to compete at the computer hardware level. I applaud them for selling their OS cheap and not using that awful activation system but then they get stupid and use the App store as the only way to get Lion, good grief.