Science is hotting up…

None of the Above, extreme heat, National Geographic Channel

It’s all heating up on this week’s episode of None Of The Above ‘Extreme Heat’ on Wednesday 12 March at 9pm on National Geographic Channel. Tim Shaw brings fiery, sparkling and spectacular science to the people on the streets, demonstrating the destructive and magnificent power of heat, and the shivering strength of freezing temperatures. This is an episode all about extremes.

On this week’s episode Tim takes us on a thermometer-busting scientific journey, from using a Fresnel lens to harness the power of concentrated sunlight (see picture), to exploring the incredible transformation created by the deep freeze properties of liquid nitrogen.

Next Tim pits hot against cold in the battle of temperatures. In a crazy display of science know-how and daredevil fascination he throws a flamethrower against an ice-block – the results are astounding, and certainly not something you would ever see in a science class! Finally, Tim risks his beloved Ranchero being crushed by cinder blocks all in the name of scientific discovery; will his Ranchero survive the red-hot cinders?

Watch the below sneak peek clip and prepare to be amazed at the concentrated power of the Sun. Which of the below items do you think can withstand the heat?
• A wooden spoon
• Metal BBQ tongs
• Rock
• None of the Above