Sneak peek of How It Works issue 59!

* Racing cars – Under the hood of today’s most advanced racing cars and how their next-gen tech is taking road cars to another level too

Earth oceans
* Earth’s amazing oceans – Dive into Earth’s deep blue yonder and explore the incredible phenomena which are lying beneath the surface

telescope, ALMA
* Mega telescopes – Whether it’s the largest telescope array or the ultimate radio telescope, find out why bigger is better when it comes to studying the cosmos from Earth

forensics, CSI
* Forensics – How do crime scene investigators use science and technology to reconstruct a murder?

* Making holograms – Find out why holograms have the power to counter fraud, preserve ancient artefacts and even bring the dead back to life

* Life on board the Mary Rose – Take a deck-by-deck tour of Henry VIII’s mighty flagship and find out how it was raised from the seabed