Splash Spray: Can it really waterproof your mobile phone?

Accidentally spilling a glass of water over your phone can cause irreversible damage to the inner workings of the device. Of course, you could attach a waterproof case to make sure it is fully protected, but these often add a lot of bulk to your otherwise slim and sleek phone. However, now you can simply spray on an invisible water-resistant coating that is 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

One application of the Splash nano solution will make you phone water resistant for up to 12 months


Splash spray uses nanotechnology to create a small barrier of air around the phone to repel water molecules away from the surface and prevent them from getting inside. All you have to do is spray the openings and buttons on your phone and repeat the process three times, then spray a microfibre cloth and use it to buff the front, back and sides to remove any residue. The spray dries in ten minutes and makes your phone water resistant straight away.

It will only protect your phone from spillages, though. Fully submerging your device will still allow liquid to enter the housing, causing damage to the elements inside.

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