Sponsored blog post: Fully fitted tyres

Fully Fitted Tyres – New Service For Customers’ Convenience

The market of car tyres is constantly developing, and online dealers are working hard to introduce new services to win new customers. Their competition plays right into our hands and makes buying tyres online a more convenient, affordable, and safer option. Now, the new service hits the market – fully fitted car tyres. According to the online dealers like tyres-outlet.co.uk, it is a perfect opportunity to benefit from the assortment and low prices of an online shop and get the full fitting at the nearest authorized fitting station absolutely at no cost. This service stamps out the last doubt you probably have about buying tyres online – how to fit them to your car afterwards.

What does the ‘fully fitted tyres’ option include?

A driver that chooses the “fully fitted” option gets these benefits at no additional cost:

• Professional assistance in making the tyre choice. The shop’s specialists will help you to select proper tyres according to the dimensions prescribed by the car manufacturer and such optional factors such as your style of driving, the terrain, season, and so on. The specialists will also check whether the chosen tyres are available at the warehouse and ensure that the product meets your budget, quality expectations, and deadlines.

• Tyre fitting at one of the fitting stations of the dealer’s wide network. The shop delivers tyres to their partner workshop that is the nearest to your location. You just arrive and get the job done.

• Balancing handled free of cost.

• Old tyres disposal.

How much does shipping to the fitting stations cost?

Many online shops offer free shipping within the ’fully fitted’ service. While making your order, you provide your postcode which enables the shop’s specialists to suggest their partner garage (fitting station) that is the closest to your house or workplace. You also choose the date and time when it’s comfortable for you to arrive and get your tyres changed by a technician.

You can be calm about the quality of work they do as shops constantly vet their partner stations and keep the competence of their personnel under control. The fully fitted car tyre service is also a guarantee that you won’t be charged for the fitting procedure at the partner workshop: what you have paid on the website is the final price for the full job done.

What if you need to fit new tyres at home?

Online shops foresee even this situation. Except for static stations, some of the tyre dealers have mobile fitting stations in their vehicle fleet. If you can’t arrive at the static station, your purchase will be delivered to the mobile fitting station that will connect with you and make an appointment at the place of your convenience.