Start learning the guitar with Guitar for Beginners

Guitar for Beginners is a brand-new guide aimed at those looking to start learning the guitar. Packed with straightforward advice, tips and exercises to help anyone take their first step, Guitar for Beginners offers everything novices need to start playing.

The 180-page bookazine covers everything from getting started and choosing a guitar, to practising techniques such as strumming, picking, bending and much more. There is a dedicated section on how to read and understand guitar tab and musical notation, plus an essential chords list at the back of the book for easy reference. As well as all this, there are answers to frequently asked questions and advice on common obstacles. There is also a free disc packed with over 90 audio guides as well as 20 step-by-step video tutorials.

Head Of Publishing, Aaron Asadi, said: “So many books proclaim to be best for beginners, but I doubt any are as accessible, stylish and easy-to-use as this. We are immensely proud of it. It adopts all of the core values inherent in the hugely successful For Beginners series and lovingly applies them to one of the most enduring and popular topics in the world.”

Guitar for Beginners is available from and all good newsagents now, priced £12.99.