What would our world look like if it was just one super continent?

The world map has not always looked like it does today.

(Image by Fama Clamosa/ Wikimedia Commons)

260 million years ago, all the Earth’s landmass was within one super continent known as Pangaea. It was surrounded by one super ocean called Panthalassa. It was vastly different from the current state of the Earth’s landscape.

Pangaea was formed by plate tectonics colliding and the image below shows how today’s nations would look in a Pangaean-like landmass.

As you can see Australia and India are now neighbouring Antarctica and the United States is now joined with Africa. Greenland is now also much much closer to Europe.

Although this image is fictional, the world continents will alter again sometime in the distant future and it is amazing to imagine the different climates, world economy and society if something similar to this were to happen.

All aboard the London-Greenland express!


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