The Banana Phone is Back!

Following the success of the Nokia 3310 re-launch last year, Nokia are reviving another classic.

From its original release in 1996, the Nokia 8110 has been peeled apart and reformed for the next generation. Its iconic curved banana shape has not been forgotten in the new model, although slimmed down. The previous 8110 rose to fame after being spotted in the hands of Keanu Reeves during the Matrix movie.

The new reloaded model includes 4G VoLTE calling, email exchange capabilities, along with access to an app store for a few popular apps such as Google Assistant, Google Maps and Facebook.  And lets not forget the some important feature of this phone, a revamped snake game.

@Nokia Mobile

HMD Global makes the new model, a Finnish company that is licensed produce phones under the Nokia name. Available from May this year, in either black or ‘banana yellow’ the Nokia 8110 will cost £69/€79.

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