The bike that wobbles but won’t fall down

Jyroscope, bike, bicycle, gyroscope, invention, KickstarterA new product is making waves on Kickstarter right now with the promise that it could help children learn to ride a bike in a single afternoon.

The Jyroscope uses gyroscopic technology to keep a moving bike upright, no matter how much leaning and wobbling goes on. The technology inside the bike notices when the bike is tilting and corrects it.

This allows the child who is learning to ride with confidence and get to grips with steering and pedalling.

It comes with varying levels of power too, so as the child gets more confident with their cycling ability, they can reduce the amount of balance assistance they get, until they get to the stage where they are completely independent of the technology.

It is currently on Kickstarter, attempting to raise funds to take the machine further and you can also see a video of the bike in action.

Jyroscope, bike, bicycle, gyroscope, invention, Kickstarter