The Bowler EXR S explained

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The EXR S is an advanced off-road vehicle from English company Bowler. It’s an evolution of the manufacturer’s existing EXR rally car, which is considered one of the most rugged off-road vehicles on Earth. The EXR S differs, however, in one key way: it performs just as well on standard public roads as it does hurtling over rocky and muddy terrain.

The EXR S’s awesome off-road ability comes courtesy of its full CAD design, hydroformed base chassis, super-tough tubular steel rollcage, electronically controlled rear differential, six-speed automatic gearbox and Bilstein/Eibach suspension system. Its engine is capable of outputting a huge 620 Newton metres (457 pound-force feet) of torque over 2,200rpm. These factors, combined with colossal 56-centimetre (22-inch) wheels, mean that the car can not only tackle any extreme terrain you can think of, but can do so incredibly rapidly, hitting 0-97 kilometres (0-60 miles) per hour in just 4.2 seconds. That power and performance is not rivalled by any other off-road vehicle made to date.

The EXR S’s on-road performance is the result of the powerful five-litre (1.3-gallon), V8 supercharged petrol engine, paddle-shift gear changes and Brembo disc brakes. It also boasts a host of comfort features such as climate control, a large rear load space, in-vehicle entertainment system and leather seats.