The genius of artificial intelligence

With the news that AI technology has reached the stage where robotic drones are to be fitted with GPUs in order to be able to autonomously search the surface of Mars and avoid obstacles with remote control assistance, what other landmark occasions has AI technology celebrated?

Probably the most exciting of recent times would be the victory of IBM’s Watson supercomputer over two legendary quiz brains in the American TV show Jeopardy.

Watson astounded viewers when it was able to understand host Alex Trebek’s cryptic questions, run a complex algorithm through its vast banks of data and come up with the most likely, and often correct, response.

Watson was an amazing machine, comprised of ten IBM Power 750 computers, and is now being used in hospitals and businesses across the USA.

Here is a video of Watson showing former Jeopardy champions how the game is played.

[jwplayer mediaid=”19270″]